Saturday, June 14, 2014

Swim Sexy -- Featuring HOLY SHIrT from Designer Showcase

From Designer Showcase, two different items are available on sale from HOLY SHIrT. The hoodie comes in several colors as does the bikini.
For my encore, I shall be traveling to Siberia for bikini in the snow photos.
No... Wait... That's what they do at Sports Illustrated. I stayed nice and warm for these photos.

The spirited beach scene styling was made possible by these designers:
Featuring From Designer Showcase June HOLY SHIrT Polka Dot Bikini Bottom
Featuring From Designer Showcase June HOLY SHIrT Cropped Hoodie Pink
1. Exile: Voodoo Extreme
2. Kyxe Skins & Shapes: Marigold Skin Tone
3. KMADD/Moda: Mesh Eyes
4. SLink: High Feet
-- Elegant 1 Hands
5. {ZOZ}: Mesh Nails
6. FINESMITH: RECOLOR HUNT Mango Earrings Blue
7. Vista Animations Stands

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