Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Hard On the Outside; Soft On the Inside -- Featuring from The Month of Games Boudoir and 69 Park Avenue

I'm back just in time to wrap up the Month of Games event the last few days it will be playing. Siren Productions always puts together an awesome array of events and this one was even better than others, I think, because the theme really pushed designers to think outside maybe their normal range of ideas, and encourage everyone to have fun, and think 'game.'
Boudoir put together several really playful composite outfits and I chose to share this one, The Chess Queen. It's a little bit naughty but isn't that what you expect from a place that features fancy lingerie and bits and pieces meant to tempt and tease your special someone?
I also found a pair of mens boots I really liked in one of the outfits that was marked as a male outfit. I do like to borrow from men's clothing designers all the time, especially accessories. The essence of hard and soft appeals to me, and expresses a good estimate of me, the person behind the text and pixels. I'm hard on the surface, sometimes even perceived as cold by those who know me off line, but inside, I just want to be snuggled, to be loved, and to love and snuggle others. The boots from 69 Park Avenue from their King Justice outfit added just the toughness I sought.

Featuring from The Month of Games Boudoir Chess Queen
Featuring from The Month of Games 69 Park Avenue King Justice (boots)
Featuring from [no. 7] Circus Boop Makeup
1. Poetic Color: Quicksilver
2. EMO-tions: Susannah
3. Gaeline: Magnificia
4. Kyxe Skins & Shapes: Lily Skin Tone - Hannah
5. Manifeste Poses

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Fairytales Can Come True; They Can Happen To You -- Featuring Sabra Style, {{BSD Design Studio}} and Wicca's Wardrobe

What a difference a day makes. I'm not one who gets too tied into a specific day because I've had health issues that were indiscriminatory as the good or not so good days happened every day, special days, regular day, it didn't matter. It means I grew up learning to be flexible and also to make the best of the good moments so that when another dark valley swooped in for a few weeks or days or months, I'd have something warm and wonderful stored up in memory, close to my heart; I used those positive memories to support me. This week was part of our annual beach trip. In recent years, I've traveled and stayed in one place for two weeks consecutively. Unfortunately, the military status and leave and all that jazz is slightly different at the moment, so I'm at Myrtle this week and this time next month, I'll be at Taibee Island Georgia. I love getting away from the same four walls, even when I'm not in the best of health or head space. I also know it helps my sweetheart. I was unplugged for a bit more than 24 hours this year, just to make sure he knew he was the heart and soul of my life, and nothing was more important than him and his special day. We ate well, played well, went to see the One Show tonight, and then he's snoring and I'm writing briefly to each of you on Facebook.
It's never too late to keep up with family and friends. It's never too late to have a small vacation. An actress on one of the day time talk shows commented about making time for 'me parties'. She just put on her favorite pj's, had wine, listened to her favorite music and even danced. Sometimes we need a me party and sometimes, like today, I needed a we party. I think he does an amazing job of taking care of the details. My thought patters get terribly crossed, and not intentionally so. But when I can put aside my needs and stresses that I seem to heap on his head, I think he really does try to relax and enjoy a day all about him.
I had fun the day before yesterday putting this latest 'spy girl' look. Once dressed, I thought about the story of Black Bart and his cronies who were trying to come across the back yard of the little fella on A Christmas Story. The traditional mask paired with the black and white stripes of prison uniforms in that time period. I could have snuck away with something. I'm just not sure what I would want to take. I'd make a very bad cat burglar. I'm sure I'd sit and enie-meanie-minie-moe and my partners in crime would shake there heads and whisper as loud a whisper as possible, "Let's Go Karyn!" The Tori gown in black and white and encircled at the ankles with mounds of dark swan feathers comes from Sabra Style. The mask comes from the always clever Wicca Merlin at Wicca's Wardrobe. You'll notice a small pink bag, over the shoulder. From BSD Design studio, this bag comes with color change options on a HUD allowing you to make it suit any style and interest.

All the joy of this blog and style come as a result of a compilation of talented designers:
Featuring Sabra Style Tori Black
Featuring Wicca's Wardrobe Black Mask with Studs
Featuring {{BSD Design Studio}} Supermodel Resort Bag Pink
1. Moondance Boutique: Livia
2. Caryn - Tattoo - No Hate
3. [Chic Zafari]: Rose Hair
4. SLink: Elegant 1 Hands
5. Kyxe Skins & Shapes: Latte Skin Tone
6. Poetic Color Eyes: Quick Silver

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Down By the Sea -- Featuring .:W&W:. from The Month of Games and h.m.a.e.m. from L'accessories

I'm not sure what W&W stands for but it made me think of a sequence of events in the Breaking Bad series where one of the characters asks the lead character if he knows what the initials W.W. stand for there, and the guy says, "Walt Whitman maybe?" Knowing full well the whole time he's answering that it stands for someone else much closer to home.
I didn't know what W&W stood for either but I loved the quality of the outfit created for the Month of Games. Vanilla Latte offers you a complete outfit from head to toe and the pieces are so richly and well made, you could easily pull the pieces apart later and use them for other outfits. I've seen a whole array of corsets in our Second Life. This one has a few added details that make all the difference.
The Month of Games will last through the end of the month and I know that if you haven't visited yet, you're missing out on a treat. Lexie Jansma and her team at Siren Productions put together terrific events! They're TMoG sponsors and have fashion shows, games and other things happening that coincide with the event to make it that much more enjoyable.

Featuring .:W&W:. Vanilla Latte - Full Outfit from The Month of Games
Featuring h.m.a.e.m. The Sea Clutch from l'accessories
1. EMO-tions Windblown 6
2. Gaeline: Mesh Lashes Illusia
3. KMADD/Moda: Mesh Eyes
4. Kyxe Skins & Shapes: Chocolat Skin Tone
-- Candy Eyeshadow Coffee
5. SLink: Elegant 1 Hands
6. Morphine: Kazumi Lips Blus
7. .Olive.: Rose Gold Earrings Set
8. Corpus Poses

Friday, July 18, 2014

You Should Know the Lady -- Featuring !Lyrical B!zarre Templates

I find that the closer I feel to a designer, the more I love what they do in SL. Builders. Scripters. Clothing creators. Any content. I get to know a little about their world and I want them to be happy, to feel successful, and I feel blessed to be a little part of their world. That's so true when it comes to Loredana Alexandra's world, and her business in Second Life Lyrical B!zarre Templates.
This gown, Position, expresses the inner beauty of this lovely lady. I love the way the brilliant scarlet color works as black fuses shadow to each of the pieces. I have loved every detail she's put into items since we met, and each time she's created something new, it became my new favorite. What she calls kooky - to me - it's art, and high fashion.

Featuring !Lyrical B!zarre Templates from the Month of Games Position Gown
1. FINESMITH: Tyra Tiara
2. SLink: Elegant 1 Hands
3. Face Paint: Wet Paint Nails
4. Kyxe Skins & Shapes: Walnut Skin Tone
-- Glamour Lips Sunset
-- Candy Eyes Tangerine
-- Seduction Lips Gloss
5. Gaeline: Phantasmagoria
6. KMADD/Moda: Mesh Eyes
7. EMO-tions: Antoinette
8. [[j'adore]] Poses

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Another Perspective -- Featuring Rapture from The Month of Games - Ms. Peacock Gown

After doing a Ms. Peacock gown yesterday, I thought it would be really interesting to put another one on today, also part of the themed event The Month of Games, from the same game, Clue - yet interpreted so differently.
Rapture went all out with sweeping beautiful peacock feathers, bold colors and a dramatic style overall. The feathers spun together for a headpiece only added to the boldness of this style. I love seeing how different artists interpret the same idea.
There are three board games represented in this Month of Games themed event. You can find Candyland, Clue and Chess, and every designer was asked to make a piece for each theme. Imagine all the ways those games could be portrayed in fashion and you get a smorgasbord of color and fun.

Featuring from the Month of Games Rapture Clue Dress Ms. Peacock
1. *~Damesfly*~: Trinity
2. MG: Groomed
3. KMADD/Moda: Mesh Eyes
4. Kyxe Skins & Shapes: Marigold Skin Tone
5. Candy Nail: Diva Blue
6. WetCat: Poses

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

The Most Debonair Character -- Featuring Lybra from The Month of Games,

I can remember the first time I played clue. It was with cousins and one of the cousins was a few years older than I and then her younger brother was my age. She had the game, and considered her wisdom at 14 to be worldly and elevated to heights we could not have possibly attained yet at 10 or 11. Then our mothers did that motherly thing and made us 'play nicely' together. That was good news for two of us, but the elder cousin was so miffed. I can recall her explaining with that huff that's only perfected around the age of 14!
It really was a sophisticated game, and a game for grown-ups. She told us that throughout the hour or so she was forced to play with us, and at that time, I truly had no clue what I was doing. Pun intended. I just remembered feeling like I'd reached a new stage in life. The game was about adults in adult situations in rooms that I'd never heard of, like a conservatory.
When I saw the gown from Lybra, all those thoughts came rushing back, as if they happened yesterday. The dress IS all grown up, sexy, classy, elegant and suitable to that image of one of the characters in the game. "Ms. Peacock, represented by the blue piece on the game board, is considered to be the most wealthy and debonair character in the game." Instead of taking the peacock literally and going in that direction, Lybra captured the essence of the original character, and modernized it to be a delicious evening gown, perfect for soirees, an evening at the Met or something else equally 'debonair'.

Featuring from !:Lybra:! at The Month of Games Ms. Peacock Gown
Featuring from Dulce Secrets at Designer Showcase Boudoir Tainted Eyeshadow
1. KMADD/Moda: Mesh Eyes
2. Kyxe Skins & Shapes: Latte Skin Tone
3. SLink: High Feet Female
-- Elegant 1 Hands
4. [AMARELO MANGA]: Earrings
5. Morphine: Juliana Lips
6. MG: Wild Full Thick Lashes
7. Tukinowaguma: Edia
8. Corpus Poses

Misty Eyed Emotions - Featuring from Designer Showcase - Artizana and LMD; also ~SB~ and EMO-tions

Designer Showcase means awesome deals for designers you might know and love or maybe you'll find a new designer and fall in love. Either way, it's a beautiful location, and new.
Artizana offered something really different this time, the Belili, but I'm coming to a place where I really like the perspective of Artizana, so when I 'added' my flower from them, and was posed while holding the flower, it immediately evoked emotion. I think that's interesting, unexpected and beautiful. I thought about loved ones I know and have lost, and for friends and family who've lost special people, dear friends, and couldn't help but stop and whisper prayers meant to sprinkle across the world and touch each of us.
The romper also comes from Designer Showcase made by LMD, Julia Romper Goldrush. Hair new from EMO-tions as a gift added a touch of innocence and heart. I finally found a great use for my Summer Fruits nails for hands and feet from ~SB~.
The whole style made me feel summery, emotional but in the misty eyed sort of way, and then I decided to use the last of the three photos as a Stand4Love photo as well, so you can see that version up in my cover photo.

Featuring from ~SB~ Summer Fruits Nails Hands and Feet
Featuring from Designer Showcase Artizana Belili (Serendipity) (Pose included holding flower.)
Featuring from Designer Showcase LMD Julia Romper Gold Rush
Featuring from EMO-tions Holly
1. Gaeline: Felicia
2. KMADD/Moda: Mesh Eyes
3. Kyxe Skins & Shapes: Latte Skin Tone
4. SLink: Elegant 1 Hands
-- High Female Feet
5. Morphine: Azuka Dark Lips
-- Kazumi Eyeshadow Fresco Liner
6. Avante Poses (Sitting)
7. Manifeste Poses (Standing)
8. **Brii** Diana White Heels for SLink