Thursday, June 21, 2012

A Blessing... Charltina's and Charltina Christensen

Now and then, something really remarkable occurs while I'm investing time and energy into Second Life and yesterday was one of those memorable days because I met one of those memorable people.

I have met thousands of people in the 14 years I've been on the net. It's one of the gifts of being in an international world. 8 1/2 years ago when I discovered Second Life, I found myself thrilled with the depth and breadth such a virtual world added to what was already important to me, those special net connections with people, people from every nook of our wide world, from every background, every faith and race and creed. This thrilled me then and to this day, it still thrills me.

And then I meet someone like Charltina Christensen, and I feel like for a moment, I've touched a source of light, of energy, of something special and positive, and I find myself truly blessed.

When I spoke to her, I felt a kinship of spirit and life experience that reached beyond the Second Life we share here. I spoke only a few moments with her, yet through the rest of the evening, I had a bit more bounce in my step and warmth in my life. That's a rare and true gem of an encounter.

Normally, I find something from a new designer or newly discovered, and go to my studio to shoot the photographs I post in this blog. Not this time, however, as I wanted somehow to capture the essence of this unique business woman.

Wearing Sparkle in Her Eyes, I stood near an entrance to her store, and deliberately in front of the green-eyed representation of herself to frame the new dress, but also to capture so much more.

This pretty mini-dress with ruffled pleats around the bodice and hips alike seems to embody exactly the feeling I attempt to convey even as I write these words. The smile to my right, the warmth in those eyes, the detail in the design, all work together richly.

I perused her store, a delightful array of gowns and skirts and casual clothing, and inhaled the elements that she's chosen to make her own in this little corner of SL and enjoyed myself immensely.

I sense that this engagement, this chance to meet someone knew, try a new designer, and for a moment become a part of this designer's world and endeavors was just a bit more... than normal. And I loved it.

Face Paint: Caryn
Hair: Truth
Nails: CandiNails
Shoes: Alice Project
Jewelry: Artistry by ~E~
And "Sparkle in Her Eyes" by Cristina Cristensen

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