Thursday, May 17, 2012

Morea Style - 149L Special on Oriane - Oh Tres Magnifique!

Supple movement catches the eye, the perfect sway of the hips, the gentle or saucy step of your always so tiny size 0 feet... hehehe

This first take on the combination of items given when you choose the Oriane shows all of the prim options. Two layers of skirt billow, one more transparent then the second. A neck piece shimmers with appliqued roses, and the roses repeat themselves on the outfit at the chest. A slim bit of ribbon hangs elegantly down the back from the collar, enunciating the beautiful bare back in that magical way Morea Style offers.

With a different pair of shoes, different skin tone, and hair styled differently, you have the ability to change this dress dramatically. Besides the basic changes to the avi and the accessories, I wore only the transparent skirt in this photo, and took the neck piece off completely. It's a little less formal, yet still beautiful!

Hair: 1)Vanity Hair, 2) Alice Project - Make-up and Skin by Face Paint - Shoes: 1) Alice Project, 2) Jacqueline Fashion Mall

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