Sunday, May 27, 2012

Snowpaws Petite Grande Opening

On the heels of Snowpaws most recent release of petite clothing for the new wave of mesh avis, Snowpaws has opened a new location just for petites!

Come visit today, and see new designs, and embrace your tiny side with Snowpaws petites.

Snowpaws NEW Location for Petites

There are many outfits already for sale and several of them are brand new. 

1. New Petite Ariel Outfit: Twilight (blue) and Sunstreak (pink/red)
2. New Petite Auverse Mini Dress
3. New Petite Soleil Dress: Jet and Scarlet
4. New Petite Frilly Girly Blouse and Jeans

5. Faru Fantasy Outfit: Green and Pink
6. Carousel Outfit: Opal and Garnet
7. Kaleidescope: Pink and Blue
8. Watercolor Tea Dress: Black and Pink
9. Cutout Tunic Dress: Jet, Coco and Russet
10. Fiore: Cherry Blossom, Scilla, and Thistle

More coming soon! Watch this space.

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