Saturday, February 1, 2014

New Direction - Necessity Always Prompts Action and Reaction

It's the first of February. I don't know where this month went. I know that it went on without my direct involvement in it. It came just the same. Tomorrow is the silliest of holidays in the states, Groundhog's Day. They even made a sillier movie about it with Bill Murray as the star. Who'dathunkit?

My world continues to fill with things I must attend off line. I have hope and joy and peace with the direction things are going right now. I have gratitude for those who are ever present in my life, and such warm thoughts for those who are not so present at this time. Whether I see you regularly or it's been a while, I think about you.

Once upon a time, I behaved like an idiot. Okay more than once or twice. It's odd how those things come to mind when you have long hours to think and think some more. I adore those things that have been great in my life but I find it strangely true that I also adore things that have not been so great in my life.

Maybe it's purely the impact of others that we need, the good the bad and the ugly. I don't wish myself into difficult situations. I don't thrive in the darker moments life brings. I do get something from all of it, even if it's just a smidge more of that wisdom that we all seem to collect over time and through experience.

I looked up a few names recently, people I worked with in times passed, people who have influenced my life, and caught up on their worlds via the snippets in their profiles. Some are still models. Others have found new enterprises to enjoy on Second Life and still others appear to have disappeared.

Regardless the direction they've taken, I sit in my quiet house thinking; and I think about the 'them' out there, that includes you by the way as you make time for my blog. I think that even the most dramatic and emotional moments were not as dramatic or emotional as I thought they were in the moment. I absorb, learn, grow, and move on.

It doesn't matter if you're cheer leading, walking the catwalk in the finals of this contest or that, or taking time off to raise a child or care for a loved one, I think of you. In my thoughts, I have only positive energy to share with you. Some might call it prayer, others have a more modern approach to the idea. To me, it's just life, love, and the details that make it all better than bearable.

I think I'll do more fashion entries in the months to come. I may have long pauses between the entries, and for that reason, I'm changing how I obtain items and use them. I've been fortunate to be on blog rolls of a number of businesses and worked with some of the greatest people as a result.

I know that any given day, a designer only has a few bloggers on their list then depend on those bloggers to advertise their things. If they cannot rely on the people on their list, it can disrupt the business. I would prefer to have my name dropped officially from business blog rolls out of respect to that need. With my name off the list, it leaves room for new bloggers to come aboard and build relationships. I hate disappointing people more than anything, so this way I don't feel obligated or responsible for a promise. I won't apply for fairs or events or hunts. I appreciate you contacting me, asking, sending group invites and so forth but I just cannot.

If I've worked with you and for you, I treasured every moment. To those of you who've passed my name on to others, that's priceless to me. I will pay it forward in my world and wish you the very best in your endeavors. If you're one of the special people in my life who follows my blog and/or my Facebook, thank you and please don't wander too far. I enjoy the writing, the fashion, and the fun, and will share from time to time.

I'm not retiring because I've never considered this a job. It's an experience that has enriched my life and encouraged me and I hope it affects you positively as well.

As always, Live! Laugh! Love!


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