Thursday, January 15, 2015

One On One Tutelage & Modeling Academy Merges With Miss SL Organization - Miss SL Academy

Perhaps you've been thinking about the new year, wanting to try something new, to challenge yourself, to change gears, or however people put it when they're ready for change. You may have heard of models and modeling from a friend or happened to notice a kiosk at a favorite designer's store and wondered if you should try it.

I speak from personal experience as I say that this little thing that ca
ught your eye, it really isn't little, it isn't easy, and it isn't something to do on a lark, but should be something you're passionately curious about, ready to be invested in, and determined to succeed. Only then can you make it work.

People from all corners of our real world globe have invested time and money into the fashion industry in Second Life and that includes models. Some people exceed their wildest dreams and others walk away from it after only a few short weeks, overwhelmed by the things they didn't know they would face. It takes a thick skin and a determination like nothing you might imagine.

It takes shear desire to make it work in a community where there are already fashion icons, faces of this and that who've been around for eons, who already earned respect and hold prominent positions in any number of fashion related businesses. You have to want to be the best. You have to set that as your #1 goal and stretch as far as your mind and body let you stretch and then give some more.

If you put all of these elements together, then you have the potential to become all those things you dream of becoming.

One important thing you have to decide early on relates to the schooling required by most in the fashion business in SL. But how do you decide where to go to school? How many academies have real value? Who's earned their reputation over months and years, and honed their curriculum to contain core values needed to make this modeling thing work? It's the first challenge among many, and the first of many very important choices you will make.

If you choose the wrong academy, you might find yourself in a small group that's approaching the concept of teaching in a hodge podge whatever strikes you today to talk about, and tomorrow a whole new subject comes up, and you get lost immediately and think, "Why did I spend money to do this??"

But if you choose the right academy, you'll find yourself in the midst of a group that's broad and deep with talent, with experience, with scope of understanding and has more than just a basic message to offer you. A great academy offers you a new version of your Second Life and it begins with attendance and graduation from that academy, and then grows from there.

When I searched for an Academy some few years ago, I looked at information on an array of different businesses, interviewed the owners in some cases, asked questions, and looked to the models who'd already been modeling for some time for their opinions on where they went, what they'd learned, what they found most helpful and so forth, and time and time again, names like Frolic Mills ( Juan Delgado ), Barbie Bravin, Ponchituti Boucher ( Maria Eugenia Rodriguez) and others were mentioned as leaders on the cutting edge of everything fashion in Second Life.

Today, a group of those same people have banded together to introduce another program that's been put together with the biggest names in Second Life fashion, people who've earned their stripes, earned their respect, and put time and energy into everything related to fashion. ONE on ONE Modeling Tutelage & Academy merged with Miss SL Organization today to form Miss SL Academy.

Tried and true representatives from every facet of the fashion business in Second Life work together and a certificate from Miss SL Academy will open doors to opportunities and connect you to people you should meet, get to know, and from them learn how to take your creative and beautiful self and morph it into a creative and beautiful model.

Regardless your reasons, if becoming a model makes you curious or tweaks a sense of adventure, I recommend you do your home work, exactly as I did. You will find the very best of Second Life fashion taught in Miss SL Academy. Curriculum comes directly from a source of tried and true class structure, with permission to be used by the man who created it, Frolic Mills, and has been amped up to include new topics that enhance your new life as a model.

Get information about Miss SL Academy today! Hang on to your hats; it's going to be a wild ride!

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