Friday, January 2, 2015

Something Different This Way Comes -- Jinx from Winter Market and Zibska from Sneak Peek

I took a cocktail dress from Zibska and modified to some degree so that instead of having a jacket with fringe over the dress, I had earmuffs for warmth.
I paired with a pair of jeans and boots from Jinx and created an entirely different look than either designer had originally shared in their original vendor photo for these monthly events (Zibska at Sneak Peek and Jinx at the Winter Event). Being able to shrink or enlarge, or able to adjust the texture just slightly can make it fun to see one thing and turn it into something very different. It's part of the fun of playing barbie dolls.
One of the things I think we all seek is our individuality. I hope you enjoy this look of the day as much as I did putting it together to show you! Thanks for your ongoing support. It means so much to me!

* Jinx (DD) Sara Cool Winter Pants and Boots from Sneak Peek
* Zibska Caja Cocktail Dress from Sneak Peek
(x) Modified Shoulder Pads to Earmuffs

- Wicca's Wardrobe Poses
- Dark Horse Style Curved Dark Nail Appliers
- October's 4Seasons Cherry Blossom Lips
- October's 4Seasons Eclectic 8
- October's 4Seasons Soulful Hot Pink
- MG Groomed Medium
- EMO-tions Josy

Standard Items:
-- October's 4Seasons Chocolate Cosmos
-- SLink Hands and Feet
-- KMADD Mesh Eyes

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