Thursday, January 2, 2014

Sin, Depravity, Perversion, and of course SeXXX.-- Wow, Isn't That Intoxicating?

I absolutely love the events Siren Productions put together. The last event I worked, I published one or more items from every designer minus a rare few selections. I know that this new event exposes all of us to the naughty and fun side we all have and will scintillate.

Siren Productions combines incredible venues and designers with skills and talent that will tempt every sort of playful or deviant urge. The business itself chooses the finest models, leaders in the fashion industry, people who've had experience running flawless events in the past and a team who continue to get better with each new thing they organize.

Sexxx Sells. We all know that's true to advertising anywhere virtually or otherwise. It will certainly sell in this case as well. Fashion shows, live models showing these designs in the most intuited personal style, and many men and women who do not mind working tirelessly behind the screen to make it seem as easy as pie.

Between January 17 and February 1, shoppers from all over Second Life will converge on products primarily related to the theme. Prior to the opening of the event, information comes from the event itself, from bloggers who already begin to work with preview stylings for you to see, and want you in the mood, if you know what I mean.

Please visit my blog often over the next few weeks and I will see how stirring I might be, and how well I might present to you the pure, raw, base needs of any world, and know that when you see them, the items, the clothing, the props, you're going to be eager to attend when the event opens.

I cannot wait. I believe life, laughter and love are tantamount to a content and wonderful life, but I also think sexuality makes our lives better as well! Live! Laugh! Love! (and explore with me all things SeXXX Sells in Second Life.

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