Thursday, February 28, 2013

And All I Gotta Do Is Open My Eyes and See Her - The Mystery Woman

I liked this song from the Allman Brothers, Mystery woman... and the line here "and all I gotta do is open my eyes and see her - mystery woman..."

Sometimes the things we need to see are right in front of us. It should be obvious but we're blind. In the US, we have a saying that's relevant here, "You can't see the forest for the trees." Maybe sometimes we get too close to something and miss it all together. I do.

At Model's Workshop this afternoon, Monica Balut offered part one of a two part class on Second Life Photography. I have been using the Second Life program since March of 2005 and I've looked at loads of tutorials and worksheets and videos, and I still missed this tiny little arrow on the basic snapshot window. When I saw that in the class, I realized that if I had missed that detail, there would probably be many other things I could learn from that class and anything else I attend because things are changing all the time and even when things stay the same, sometimes I miss the forest for the trees. A mystery to this woman... a good thing too. I love learning. Thank you Monica for the incredible amount of information you poured into your class tonight!

Featured: Kim Rongyu - Clio Blue Swirl
Featured: EMO-tions Memory Necklace
1. Custom Shape
2. Glam Affair Skin: Jadis
3. Poetic Eyes: Quicksilver
4. Gauged: Fedora with Coffee Hair
5. Face Paint: Frost Shadow Orange and Face Paint New Lip 5
6. [S H O C K]: Animalier Nails - Giraffe
7. Tights by Caryn
8. DADAbeiz: Black-Half Ankle Boots
9. Di's Opera Poses

I Second That Emotion

I love the capacity that is endless when it comes to creativity in Second Life. Designers with an eye for color, shape, style and so many other things can make all sorts of neat things, painting them, building them, imagineering the positive outcome and with practice the outcome gets better and better.

I've had the joy of working for Eve this past year, and when I met her, the work she did was lovely and all year, each time she's made new items, I've fallen in love with each subsequent piece more and more and more and more... Naomi's full release and new today just gives another example of this.

Also, I've seen hair and hair texture and the ability to increase the believability of the product develop across the grid. The hair at EMO-tions shows the wave of new ideas, new mesh, new flexible pieces, new techniques on alphas that progressively improved the hair to what it is today. Not only does EMO-tions creator make hair though... there are tidbits of other interests that she does so well too, like the jewelry Vari that came out this week.

Featured: Face Paint New Release - the Naomi Line
Featured EMO-tions New Release - Vari Earrings and Necklace
1. Custom Shape
2. EMO-tions: Fame
3. Poetic Eyes: Quicksilver
4. Glam Affair Skin: Jadis
5. Celestine's Wedding: Celestine's Muse Love Shirt

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Sample Scripts from the desk of Caryn

A sweetheart of a lady who's going to be participating in the upcoming Dual Fashions fashion show asked for assistance with her outfit's script. She sent me her photos and her style card for each outfit. This is what I came up with for her:

As Spring approaches, everyone looks to the bright green world outdoors. (name) found herself coaxed by that enchanting promise of beauty and fresh air and chose this chic outfit Flower by Dual Fashions that perfectly echoes the siren song of renewal. Pinks contrast well against the turquoise top, from BP's Rosie Bangles to those fashionable Mons Rounded Sunglasses and the Lisanna hat from Glam Affair. Still more pink paints her face a pretty picture with Elymode Alato Makeup and Pink Poison Gloss by BlackLiquid. The boots come with the outfit and provide protection should the weather change, and speaking of weather, she remembers her Ula Lavendell Poppins Umbrella... just in case.

Elegance eases like the warmth of Spring as (name) comes to greet us wearing Dual Fashions Opera in White. The alluring dress blends a sensuality with refinement perfect for a special evening at the Opera. To enhance her charm, she's added the Sultry updo from Ravens in black and dark thick lashes by MG to match. Hints of color accent this look from the Lazuri Enchanted Red Ruby and Black Onyx jewelry, to the brilliant Red Glitter Grace sandals by GOS tucked just under the hem of the gown. You'll also note the make-up makes her face come alive with the joy of the moment as Pekka Party Eyeshadow in Pink and Aqua couples with BlackLiquid's Pink Poison gloss. Just as she turns to go, you notice the Enchanted Diamond gleam in the light and wonder, "When did she get engaged?"

If you're in a fashion show, directing, or any other back stage role and part of your duty is to write the text, I'd be glad to work with you. Just send me an IM in world to caryn Ashdene or email me at - I need the style card and a photo of the model. Let's have fun together!

Strangelove... That's How My Love Goes

Styling, modeling, and all things related to the fashion world created a strange love in my heart. It's something I never had time to pay attention to while I was raising my guys, and something I couldn't afford. Second Life makes it a little more affordable, which is great, but learning fashion in Second Life as it relates to the world off line has been difficult for me. Part of my desire to succeed comes from a need to be challenged, a need to think and a need to step outside my comfort zone. What a strange love it can be.

Kicking back, I find myself in a setting in a world so far away from me that the credits at the opening of my movie might read by that oh so famous sci-fi release that came out in 1977... 'In a galaxy far far away...' It's not just a small shift. It's huge. And it's not nearly as easy as it looks.

So I invest time in this wild world I've chosen for myself. I question it often. I push myself hard. I question it some more. It's certainly not boring and I've always said that boredom was a sin. I feel deeply the need to connect, and to do it correctly. I learn from many in all sorts of settings. I hope this strange love I know keeps growing and growing, a healthy growth that enhances my world and yours.

Featured: {mv} - Memoirs Tunic
Featured: Silken Moon - Twisted Nights Concept Makeup
Featuerd: EMO-tions - Strangelove
1. Custom Shape
2. Poetic Eyes: Oriental Pearl
3. Finesmih Nails: French Sky
4. Face Paint: OMG Gloss 7
5. Just You: Chrysalis Black
6. Carrie's Lingerie: Naughy Black Lace Bra
7. Mary Janes: Bold Leather Buckled Knee Boot
8. SD Wears: Mind Bender Stockings
9. Di's Opera Poses
10. Glam Affair Skin: Jadis

A Flickering Flame

I have often heard the saying "You're drawn to that like a moth to a flame." It's a warning. Moths try to get close to light for warmth, but if they get too close, their wings are damaged with imminent peril closely ensues. So many things tempt us. We want to be near the warmth of that thing, but no one wants to be burned.

The smallest flickering flame can light the world at night. Such power. I have to be careful that I find balance and moderation so I can enjoy things like cheesecake and shopping in Second Life without getting too close that I get burned. I also carefully seek friendships, business relationships, and connections in Second Life. Occasionally those too can spark like a flame with acuity and power, and on those occasions when it burns, it's painful. Thankfully, I've had far more positive connections than negative ones!

How close should I get to the flame's bright light? I have a few little singe marks on my wings, but for the most part, I have joy and balance. I hope the same is true for you. That warm feeling is so intoxicating whether it comes from shopping or hanging out with the latest trendy crowd. I know I want it. It is so easy to be the moth flitting close to the flickering flame.

Featured: Face Paint - Sunkissed 2
Featured: Morea Style - Julie (Includes Dress + Necklace
     + mod version of Necklace used as bracelet
Featured: EMO-tions Anna 2
Featured: {mv} - Bitchchain Boots White
1. Custom Shape
2. Glam Affair Skin: Jadis
3. Poetic Eyes: Quicksilver
4. Gaeline Mesh Lashes: Starlia
5. Noya: Silver Music Nails
6. EMO-tions: Silver Hoops Earrings
7. [LAP]

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

The Smile On Your Face

Allison Kraus sings with the breath of an angel. One of my favorite songs she does as a duet with Brad Paisley - Whiskey Lullabye - makes me cry every time I hear it. The Smile on Your Face is another song she sings, and it too invokes emotion, even tears, but that special sort of tears that makes us remember the best moments life offers. Isn't it interesting that the ability to smile affects our humanity in so many incalculable ways every day at the very base of our instincts and even in Second Life, where the face is pixels and the image a persona and at best a replica of ourselves, it still makes all the difference in the world.

It is little wonder then, why we need so badly to create a face that's expressive and a look that is beautiful when we create our Second Life avatar. Face Paint's newest look was inspired by a couple in Second Life who've invested part of their life in the fashion industry - Clif Sharktooth and Hermione Mocha. We LOVE suggestions so thank you! Sunkissed makes it's first appearance in the 55L spotlight this week.

The EMO-tions hair shown here also adds character to my face. Details like that little errant flip of hair gives a bit of insight to anyone who crosses my path. It's playful. It's lighthearted. It's a good representation of the typist. This hair is Anna 2 and follows Anna which was released last year as a lovely ultra short look. I enjoy both, but the Anna 2 is so much more me... Caryn... Karen.

          "It's amazing how you can speak right to my heart          Without saying a word you can light up the dark          Try as I may I could never explain          What I hear when you don't say a thing
          The smile on your face          Lets me know that you need me          There's a truth in your eyes          Saying you'll never leave me          The touch of your hand          Says you'll catch me if ever I fall          You say it best          When you say nothing at all"" - Allison Krauss from The Smile on Your Face                                                                    aka When You Say Nothing at All
Featured: Face Paint - Sunkissed 2Featured: EMO-tions - Anna 21. Glam Affair Skin: Jadis2. Poetic Eyes: Quicksilver3. EMO-tions: Hoop Earrings4. Morea Style: Necklace (and faint imagery of the ruffle showing in photo from Julie)5. Gaeline Mesh Lashes: Starlia6. Avante Poses (with Many Many thanks to Trinity Graves for her help while I visited In Pose this weekend)

What's Your Price for Flight?

The challenge was to identify a specific animal then style an outfit that reminded the viewer of the animal in a way that was abstract. I was encouraged not to make use of animal skins (which are hugely popular right now so the temptation was incredible!!

The first time I created the look for this challenge, I went in a completely different direction. In so many ways, I needed to redo the challenge and in that editing process, I had the most fun discovering new designers and utilizing pieces from my past.

I found this imaginative dress by sYs. I've never owned anything created by them and I loved thee texture and the flitting bit of fantasy that the skirt imbued. I built the rest of the look around the skirt, and came up with this composition. I've had a number of people ask me, "Where did you get that dress?" It's not a dress. The first in store modeling job I took was modeling for Carrie's Lingerie. The top comes from Carrie's Sins Collection. It was a nod to the past, acknowledgement that every dream takes time, but eventually if you determine to make it, that dream WILL take flight.

At what cost? What's your price for flight? When you dream a little dream with me, do you realize that dreams take perseverance? I knew my passion to model would take time, but even I did not realize the time it would take. I didn't realize how much of my heart and soul would pour into this dream to make it reality. Like the beautiful blue macaw, I want to fly freely into the future. Will you come too? The cost is staggering. Egos get bruised. Spirits get broken. It takes time and patience and strength for a little bird to have the strength to fly. Come fly with me.

Featured - sYs: Ascella Skirt Blue
1. Custom Shape
2. LAQ Skin: Tasha
3. Poetic Eyes: Quicksilver
4. [ChicZafari]: Noir Rose
5. Gaeline Mesh Lashes: Divina
6. Candy Nail: Diva Blue
7. RYCA: Platinum Earrings
8. Liv-Glam/Stella: Janel Sandal Boots
9. Carrie's Lingerie: From 7 Sins Collection - Sloth - Corset
10. Reale: White Tights
11. Miamai and Avante Poses

Monday, February 25, 2013

Chasing White Rabbits

When Jefferson Airplane wrote White Rabbit, they took a common story and twisted it into something artistic, edgy and bold. The lyrics warn - "And if you go chasing rabbits... And you know you're going to fall" (Jefferson Airplane, White Rabbit. 1967)
I heard about a new sim with a fresh idea for photography in Second Life. It takes a lot to be artistic, edgy and bold in this highly saturated world of ideas, but when I visited Inside Art, I found such a place.

Each photo comes to life when you sit in it. As you see, in my case, I found myself in Wonderland, a tiny Alice, chasing the white rabbit in hopes of escaping such a radically new environment.
A collection of items were used to create this brilliant composition. From Gizza's fantastic BonBon top in Noir to the billowing skirt from a recent release at Morea Style called Savannah in Dark Pink, I echoed the excitement of the run I might feel should I ever find myself down the White Rabbit's hole. A simple hair base (EMO-tions) paired with Noir Roses, earrings from RYCA, a flair of Minsky's Sleeves and make-up from one of Face Paint's recent sets: The Night Look enhanced my overall look.

Each time I find a place like Inside Art or discover a beautiful top like Gizza's BonBon in Noir, I know that I want to chase the white rabbit down into the world of wonder, and find a way to make it fresh and new! It challenges me.

Inside Art Composition -
1. Custom Shape
2. EMO-tions Black Hairbase + Osmose Noir Roses
3. Mirror's Enigma: Naturellee Gray Eyes
4. Shiva: Riri 001
5. Gaeline: Mesh Lashes Fantasia
6. Face Paint: The Night Look
7. Liv-Glam/Stella: Adele Heels
8. Ora Trei Designs: Minsky's Sleeves
9. Gizza: BonBon Blouse Black
10. RYCA: Platinum Earrings
11. Something Wicked Corsets: Schadenfreude Noir
12. Morea Style: Savannah Dark Pink (Wide Flexi Skirt, Pants, Gloves)

Sunday, February 24, 2013

What Is Your Passion?

This weekend, I caught the marathon version of this season's Top Chef. Like many reality television opportunities, this show offers something very special and important. One of the participants had to make a difficult decision near the end of the series because his wife went into labor while he was far away in Alaska competing and he chose his passion to create fine foods and the opportunities potentially his, should he win the competition rather than packing up and heading home. He missed his daughter's birth. Was it a good thing or bad thing? I don't know how to quantify such a choice. For him in that moment, he embraced his passion and he stood strong in his belief that his family supported him even in his absence for such a great moment.

The people I've met in Second Life show different levels of passion. To some I suppose it really is just a video game and that's great for them. To others, however, it's part of their life. Despite the fact that it occurs in virtual space, it still occurs and means a great deal. Those who share a passion for art or design or commerce or any other niche in Second Life sacrifice other things in their world to make their passion their reality.

The designer for Liv-Glam works tirelessly to create beautiful items daily. I think she eats, sleeps and breathes her passion into her Second Life business. It shows too. Cucinelli, the pretty little pink frock seen in the photo. While some designers bring out new items once every two weeks or so, Samantha of Liv-Glam brings out multiple items in a day or so.

I enjoy finding new designers as well and the boots from Joops look to be just the first of many items to come. Perhaps this will also be a new passion embraced by Magical, the name behind the new brand.  It always makes me smile to see new names appear, new items, and especially new ideas. It's so hard to find new things to try in Second Life, but with a bit of imagination and passion, many things could be achieved.

One of my favorite locations to snap photos sponsors a contest, planning to be monthly, with it's kick-off this month. These photos come from the Zen garden at Image Essentials. I've added a border to these shots but the raw shots are entered on Flickr, and I look forward to more challenges in the months to come. If you like photography or modeling or other artistic expression and want more information, contact Kay Weston or Ally Dwyer.

Featured Liv-Glam Cucinelli Dress
Featured Joops Black Golden Nailed Ankle Boots
1. Custom Shape
2. Mirror's Enigma: Megumi Frost Exclusive
3. Mirror's Enigma: Gray Eyes
4. Hinako Hair: Antonio Pink
5. Miamai: Catwalk Lashes Pink Explosion
6. Candy Nails: Marble Strawberry
7. Joops: Black Nailed Ankle Boots
8. Shear Tights by Caryn (me)
9. ~Shadow Moon~: Pink Polka Dot Bangle Beads
10. Focus Poses and Demise of Flight at Image Essentials Bamboo Garden

Saturday, February 23, 2013

New at Snowpaws: Lola Tangos And So Much More!

This week at Snowpaws, the newest mermaid style gown appeared and Lola Tango appliers made their debut at Snowpaws with this new release. Silhouette Mermaid Gown comes in Night and Frost, or get both in a fat pack.

You can see the stunning use of solid and shear fabric plush the delight of floral blossoms at the wrist and hip and then eyes drop to the mermaid flutter at the floor created with a mix of feathers and flowers.

And if the original version isn't hot enough, take a peek at the option for those of you who can't get enough of the Lola Tango top applier. (The Lola Tango Mesh Breasts are sold separately.)

One of Second Life's most successful charity events returns in March. If you've never seen Relay for Life aka Fashion for Life this year, you must make time to visit when it begins March 9. For two weeks, hundreds of designers exhibit their best for sale and proceeds are donated to help with cancer research.

You may find more information about Relay for Life here - and Second Life's participation in this important event is explained here - ... Snowpaws has participated in this event in the past and supports it again this year.

And one of the most fascinating breakthroughs in cancer research has only recently occurred and it happened in the talented head of a 17 year old high school student as part of a science project. In less than 15 years, her process may be applied to save human lives. If that's not something to get excited about, I don't know what is. All the more reason for everyone to get involved. You can read one news story here about this high school student's miraculous story -

Also coming soon, .theevent. brings Hollywood to Second Life with all the glitz and glamour. Snowpaws will be participating. It runs March 29-April 14.

Sixty Linden Weekend offers two items this week...

...the formal Adagio Lace Gown in Ruby and...

...this Satin Mesh Bodysuit, also in Ruby.

For this week's Steals and Deals you'll find...

...the Habile Long Skirt and Blouse set in Ebony.

Loads of styles at Snowpaws are truly and simply the best, and for this week's Simply the Best sale item...'ll fall in love with this Toile Seagreen Dress.

Take a trip to Snowpaws and find the most recent 100L item and remember there's always a treat added to make your purchase even more fun.

If you love Snowpaws, it's worth traveling to some special locations!

At Designer Showcase

...this oh so sexy Maselan Rouge Gown tempts you this month.

And last but not least, petite lovers must visit Kastle Enchanted Petite Village - find this beautiful Petite Adagio Gown: Regal.

There's so much more at Snowpaws, special free items for newcomers to SL, some great Midnight and Mini Mania boards, Lucky chairs and many other treats. It's always a good time to visit Snowpaws.

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Face Paint: Where a Beautiful Face is Our Business

I don't think I realized just how close I'd grown to the owner of Face Paint till this week. I've admired her. I've worked for her. I've learned a lot from her. This week, I realized she filled a role that I was lacking in my personal life. I lost my mother in 2006, and it'd been a long time since someone touched my life in a maternal way, but Eve Express has done so.

The latest look from Face Paint - Love & Care - is exactly the name I'd give for the earnest spirit Eve brings to Second Life, to the business, to her friends, to the modeling industry. She really does LIVE this abstract concept daily.

I watch the award shows, often while I'm working in Second Life, so I don't see all the nuts and bolts, but I do see the people in their perfect looks and dream. Who doesn't dream for a moment in the spotlight?

With a mentor maternal figure in my Second Life like Eve, I know that every day is a victory, and if I were dreaming of the red carpet night, I'd go home from Face Paint... but also go home to Face Paint... and I find joy in that. And Love and Care.

Snowpaws: Mesmerizing Mermaid Gown Arrives!

Such mesmerizing beauty greets the eye as you enter the room wearing the latest release from Snowpaws.

Feathers and flowers and swirling designs make this gown more than just another long dress to wear. It's art, and it's incredibly fashion NOW. The upper body makes use of skillfully created panels of solid and shear material to cover yet whisper sinfully decadent temptation.

Flowers bud from both wrists and another springs forth from your hip, then in a flurry, they blend with a swag of feathers all around the ankle to form the mermaid tail of the dress. You're ready for a red carpet night in this gown. It's available in Noir as well as Snow.

Now all I need is a date!

Featured: Snowpaws Silhouette Mermaid Gown
1. Glam Affair Skin: Jadis
2. Poetic Eyes: Quicksilver
3. EMO-tions: Jack
4. Candy Nails: Rosy Black
5. Gaeline Mesh Lashes: Divina
6. Face Paint: (new) Love and Care
7. Chop Zuey: Elifu Black Set
8. Poses and background at Image Essentials

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

What Do You Fear Most?

What do you fear most? Fear inspires in all of us a very basic instinct to fight or flee. I know there are many fears I face related to raising a family, being a daughter and daughter-in-law, and health. Online, I also deal with fear.

Sometimes I overcome it. Sometimes I do not. I win. I lose. I'm human. My greatest fear - Rejection. My greatest fear online (and likely related to my greatest fear) - Failure.

I want to create a vibe, an energy, a personality in words and pictures online that best represents me. Not an alter ego. Not a wish I could be persona. Just me. When I put so much of me into it, though, it becomes scarier and makes me feel far more vulnerable. If you reject me, you are not rejecting an avatar, or a role... and if I fail... I fail.

People I've met, friends I've made, sincere and supportive amazing men and women devoted to their own personal passions have meant the world to me. I need to give them my best. I want them to keep me, need me, use me and know that I earned that role in their world, business or pleasure, co-worker or best friend.

I have given a lot of energy to this model aspiration. I set a goal, and I didn't reach it. I failed myself. I felt then like I'd failed others. I felt like I deserved to be rejected by them in that failure.

So these closest allies, these people who mean the world to me gave me a shoulder on which to cry, time to have my bruised spirit, and then shook me and reminded me that I do not give up or give in and flee. I fight, and fight, and if I think I'm losing, I look to them for help, and then I fight some more.

The worst didn't happen. They did not give up on me or reject me or lecture me on why I did not live up to their expectations. They encouraged me, made time for me, and nudged me to give it more. And there is more to give. 

For the next few weeks or months if it takes that, I'm going to refocus on this goal that I did not complete on Sunday. I know I'm not ready for all those new aspirations I had set for 2013, but I also know that I'm not ready to walk away from all the work I put into 2012.

Fear... motivates action of some kind. I face this fear of failure, and press onward, with each of you, friends, co-workers, supporters and people I have yet to meet but are part of my destiny.


Sunday, February 17, 2013

675 Items later... and almost a year...

I need time to breathe, think and refocus. I look forward to knowing about your many successes and joys. To each of you who have become a part of my life in this fashion world in SL, you rock.

I wish you well. I'm not gone, just gone for a while.


Monday, February 11, 2013


Jon Stewart wrote a song, "Gold" about the process of artistic creation and how to make sure it sells. A good song writer, a singer, someone who's good with mechanics in the music industry... they all have something in common. They've figured out how to turn music into GOLD.

As members of the fashion industry, we in like manner work to turn our passions into gold. I have heard often that you cannot expect to get rich while you model. It's a challenging business.

I perched in the chair, just outside the ballroom, a cup of tea to sip as I gather the courage to ask you...

Flirtatious eyes flicker back to you, over my shoulder. A breathless moment ensues...

Every day, I devote time to work in Second Life. I really do work. I want to do it. I enjoy it. And I do like it when my passion for the work earns money. I do many things without any notion of pay, but when someone does choose to pay me, it's treasured.

I hear the first notes from the orchestra drifting from the room beside us, tickling my ears, teasing my desire to bravado till I finally ask, "Will you dance with me?"

I think the single greatest thing I have ever done for pure fun has been to dance in Second Life. Even when the dances were very unpretty and jittery in the early years, I just loved to dance. Now the scripts and the animations are so much more clever. I went to a live dance performance (though I cannot recall the troupe's name) and was in awe of how dance had progressed in Second Life. I just love it. Seriously, will you dance with me? ~smiles~

I began working with the designers at Designer Showcase and this dress from Graffitiwear is part of this cycle's sales. Visit Designer Showcase to get this gown and see the many deals from all around the grid. I paired with a beautiful new pair of earrings that I just opened today (even though they were a Christmas gift) to wear. I wasn't in world as much in January, so I'm enjoying Christmas far into the new year. Chop Zuey provided the necklace and bracelet as pieces from the amazing selection of free items she has at her main store. The group fee is 350L, but with that VIP status, the rewards are enormous and far exceed the small fee.

Featured Graffitiwear Gold Slitted Strapless Gown
Featured RYCA Gold Hoop Earrings
Featured Chop Zuey: Kingdom of Sky Gold Necklace and Bracelet
1. Custom Shape
2. Glam Affair Skin: Jadis
3. Poetic Eyes: Autumn Moon
4. EMO-tions: Resolution
5. Nikita Lashes
6. Face Paint: Metallic Shine Gold
7. Candy Nail: Chidori Gold
8. Nardcotix: Gold
9. Poses Built into Chair, Di's Opera Poses, Vista Animations Pose

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Hold on Tight (to your dreams)

I really enjoy it when something in Second Life reminds me that I'm here to have fun some of the time. I work hard at a professional approach and business relationship but on occasion, I just have fun with the playfulness of this place. When Something New sent out a free pose pair, I had to play with it.

I have been using song titles to name my blog posts recently, growing and evolving as a blogger. When I thought of holding on tight, I recalled this song, and it's so aptly applied to Second Life. Persevere. Hold on tight to your dreams. I borrowed a helper here, someone who generously answered my petition to partner pose. In exchange, I took several photos for him and his special someone. I hope they hold on tightly to one another. Thank you Skua Sarrasine.

I don't want to be known as the girl who's always so down to earth and serious! The dress comes from a designer who participates in Designer Showcase, Unique Clothing - Sophie in Red. It includes the dress and the sexy garter and stockings. I also pulled a little treat from the new store .::Joops::. a headband that's showing two tiny red hearts in my hair.

Featured Unique Clothing Sophie in Red from Designer Showcase
Featured .::Joops::. Hairband Hearts
Featured Something New Balloons Pose
1. Custom Shape
2. Mirror's Enigma Leigh Native Skin Tone
3. Poetic Eyes: Hot Mocca
4. EMO-tions: Lala
5. Gaeline Mesh Lashes: Starlia
6. Face Paint: Love and Care Extreme 6
7. Sexy Mama Valentine Sculpted Nails
8. Baboom Lucky Stone
9. Bax Boots: Prestige Boots Red Suede
10. Skua Sarrasine - Holding My Hand

Love at Home

I've put together a beautiful look with a selection of all new items that flowed well together. I joined the group of bloggers who work with the Designer Showcase, so some of the items I share now will be from various artists that make use of that terrific forum. Find them here: Designer Showcase.

In this snapshot, you can see the skin from Beauty Code, London Tan with Red Burn Lips. It's an item from Designer Showcase. I have tried a few of Beauty Code's skins, and this is one of my favorites yet from this designer. I fully believe that no matter how long and how good at their craft they get, good designers improve something all the time, and over all they just get better and better.

EMO-tions put this hair out recently. Cheyenne pulls hair back away from your face, adds a small bit of hair jewelry, then lets the hair fan out from the decorated pony tail in waves. Chop Zuey has several locations where I can find different designs. I found this set at Gypset. Though the primary metal is gold, there are a number of colors and even a touch of silver, so it makes it easy to style and match with many designs. Earrings and bangles fit with this outfit and I will show you the necklace soon.

As I panned back, enjoying the simple but fun setting at Image Essentials, the Wren Noir Dress from Liv-Glam makes a statement. The wide black and white stripes paired with that blood red bow at the waist really stands out and teases the eye. 

And what about the title, Love at Home? I've begun to name my blog entries with song titles. Everyone bandies about the month of love, Valentine's and all the things you 'should' do for your loved ones. Thank you Hallmark! (~chuckles). I consider my home in SL to be multiple locations because the home is where the heart is. I hope you find a way to bring love home, in this Second Life, and in the life you lead off line.

Featured Beauty Code Skin London Tan Red Burn Lips Natural (Designer Showcase)
Featured Liv-Glam Wren Noir Slip Dress I
Featured Chop Zuey Polkadots Gold Set
Featured EMO-tions: Cheyenne
1. Custom Shape
2. Poetic Eyes: Hot Mocca
3. Thalia's Fashion: Mesh Leather Boots
4. Face Paint: Mix & Match Eyes Coppertone
5. Gaeline Mesh Lashes: Divina
6. Images and Poses in the props at Image Essentials

Saturday, February 9, 2013

Wishing Well

One of my favorite artists of all time painted a portrait of my perfect world. If I could dance into the fantasy world of Thomas Kincade and the painting Make a Wish Cottage I would go today. It's been that special place in my mind where I could go if the world seemed to roar or spin out of control, and I wouldn't need to pack a thing.

Today I found a special place in Second Life that inspired the same energy, hope and fun. As I lay back thinking about the wish that I would wish the most, my mind traveled. I watched how the sun filtered brilliantly through the trees and I was mesmerized. The comfortable pant suit I wore made it easy to look chic and appreciate the setting. Violet Crush Bravin does a little bit of everything in Second Life's fashion community, from managing a modeling agency to designing her own line. I saw this Belladonna sweater and pants in her new releases information and knew I wanted to wear and share it on my next blog.

It's an oasis for the mind, this essence of hope and physical representation of that hope, but when Blink 182 sang about a Wishing Well, their lyrics went in another direction.

I went to a wishing well, I sank to the ocean floor Cut up by sharper rocks and washed up along the shore I reached for a shooting star, it burned a hole through my hand Made its way through my heart; Have fun in the promised land

Maybe there's a warning here, even on the edge of perfect hope, to be careful what you wish for, and be sure you really want it. I have had the time of my life in Second Life. It's a venue that allows for fantasy and reality to meld together. It's a place I can wish for something, then work hard to make sure that wish come true. I haven't quite arrived there... yet. I've met models and designers and many others invested in the fashion world who feel like they wished something and ended up cut up by sharper rocks and washed up on the shore. Be encouraged. It takes patience and time, and sometimes a few bumps and bruises, but the secret is  your steadfast determination. Not every wish will come true, however, no one every told me how often I could visit that serene and safe place and I've never heard there's a limited number of wishes.

(Included in this photo - Glam Affair Skin: Jadis, Poetic Eyes: Autumn Moon, EMO-tions: Anushka, Gaeline Mesh Lashes: Fantasia, Face Paint: Valentine Silver, Sexy Mama Valentine Sculpted Nails, Chop Zuey Exaltation Earrings, N-Core: Coquette Red and Image Essentials: Poses from Virtual Props to create the wishing well scene.)

Friday, February 8, 2013

Just a Moment in Time

Sometimes I do something completely random with my Second Life. I have the joy of belonging to a very diverse number of groups and the notices shared from those groups will pique my interest. Today, I visited briefly the Runway Cafe which is hosting Carnival in all it's historic beauty over the next three days. A veritable who's who in fashion were milling around, waiting for the first fashion show to celebrate this event.

Frolic leaned casually on a park bench while many others stood. I don't know if I've ever seen him without shades! To the right of his photo was Persia Bravin, the wonder genius who helps create the BOSL magazine every month. Below him, Serene Faith, one of the Miss Virtual World winners, waited patiently with passion for fashion. And to her right, Eowynn represented BOSL radio, looking stunning with a fetching lip piercing that caught my attention. The two women on either side in half frames caught my eye for different reasons. On the far left, a red headed beauty, Nayomi Gartner, one of this year's Miss Virtual World finalists, looked dressed to the nines. On the right, Viviane Drasilova had a simple gown on but still fit into the Carnival theme because she accessorized so imaginatively.

It's always been something I enjoyed, people watching, and in Second Life, no matter where you go or what function you attend, there are a vast number of people to watch, before an event ever gets underway. I was called away, off line, before the show began, but in that half hour I was there waiting, I enjoyed my time immensely.