Sunday, February 10, 2013

Love at Home

I've put together a beautiful look with a selection of all new items that flowed well together. I joined the group of bloggers who work with the Designer Showcase, so some of the items I share now will be from various artists that make use of that terrific forum. Find them here: Designer Showcase.

In this snapshot, you can see the skin from Beauty Code, London Tan with Red Burn Lips. It's an item from Designer Showcase. I have tried a few of Beauty Code's skins, and this is one of my favorites yet from this designer. I fully believe that no matter how long and how good at their craft they get, good designers improve something all the time, and over all they just get better and better.

EMO-tions put this hair out recently. Cheyenne pulls hair back away from your face, adds a small bit of hair jewelry, then lets the hair fan out from the decorated pony tail in waves. Chop Zuey has several locations where I can find different designs. I found this set at Gypset. Though the primary metal is gold, there are a number of colors and even a touch of silver, so it makes it easy to style and match with many designs. Earrings and bangles fit with this outfit and I will show you the necklace soon.

As I panned back, enjoying the simple but fun setting at Image Essentials, the Wren Noir Dress from Liv-Glam makes a statement. The wide black and white stripes paired with that blood red bow at the waist really stands out and teases the eye. 

And what about the title, Love at Home? I've begun to name my blog entries with song titles. Everyone bandies about the month of love, Valentine's and all the things you 'should' do for your loved ones. Thank you Hallmark! (~chuckles). I consider my home in SL to be multiple locations because the home is where the heart is. I hope you find a way to bring love home, in this Second Life, and in the life you lead off line.

Featured Beauty Code Skin London Tan Red Burn Lips Natural (Designer Showcase)
Featured Liv-Glam Wren Noir Slip Dress I
Featured Chop Zuey Polkadots Gold Set
Featured EMO-tions: Cheyenne
1. Custom Shape
2. Poetic Eyes: Hot Mocca
3. Thalia's Fashion: Mesh Leather Boots
4. Face Paint: Mix & Match Eyes Coppertone
5. Gaeline Mesh Lashes: Divina
6. Images and Poses in the props at Image Essentials

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