Monday, February 11, 2013


Jon Stewart wrote a song, "Gold" about the process of artistic creation and how to make sure it sells. A good song writer, a singer, someone who's good with mechanics in the music industry... they all have something in common. They've figured out how to turn music into GOLD.

As members of the fashion industry, we in like manner work to turn our passions into gold. I have heard often that you cannot expect to get rich while you model. It's a challenging business.

I perched in the chair, just outside the ballroom, a cup of tea to sip as I gather the courage to ask you...

Flirtatious eyes flicker back to you, over my shoulder. A breathless moment ensues...

Every day, I devote time to work in Second Life. I really do work. I want to do it. I enjoy it. And I do like it when my passion for the work earns money. I do many things without any notion of pay, but when someone does choose to pay me, it's treasured.

I hear the first notes from the orchestra drifting from the room beside us, tickling my ears, teasing my desire to bravado till I finally ask, "Will you dance with me?"

I think the single greatest thing I have ever done for pure fun has been to dance in Second Life. Even when the dances were very unpretty and jittery in the early years, I just loved to dance. Now the scripts and the animations are so much more clever. I went to a live dance performance (though I cannot recall the troupe's name) and was in awe of how dance had progressed in Second Life. I just love it. Seriously, will you dance with me? ~smiles~

I began working with the designers at Designer Showcase and this dress from Graffitiwear is part of this cycle's sales. Visit Designer Showcase to get this gown and see the many deals from all around the grid. I paired with a beautiful new pair of earrings that I just opened today (even though they were a Christmas gift) to wear. I wasn't in world as much in January, so I'm enjoying Christmas far into the new year. Chop Zuey provided the necklace and bracelet as pieces from the amazing selection of free items she has at her main store. The group fee is 350L, but with that VIP status, the rewards are enormous and far exceed the small fee.

Featured Graffitiwear Gold Slitted Strapless Gown
Featured RYCA Gold Hoop Earrings
Featured Chop Zuey: Kingdom of Sky Gold Necklace and Bracelet
1. Custom Shape
2. Glam Affair Skin: Jadis
3. Poetic Eyes: Autumn Moon
4. EMO-tions: Resolution
5. Nikita Lashes
6. Face Paint: Metallic Shine Gold
7. Candy Nail: Chidori Gold
8. Nardcotix: Gold
9. Poses Built into Chair, Di's Opera Poses, Vista Animations Pose

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