Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Face Paint: Where a Beautiful Face is Our Business

I don't think I realized just how close I'd grown to the owner of Face Paint till this week. I've admired her. I've worked for her. I've learned a lot from her. This week, I realized she filled a role that I was lacking in my personal life. I lost my mother in 2006, and it'd been a long time since someone touched my life in a maternal way, but Eve Express has done so.

The latest look from Face Paint - Love & Care - is exactly the name I'd give for the earnest spirit Eve brings to Second Life, to the business, to her friends, to the modeling industry. She really does LIVE this abstract concept daily.

I watch the award shows, often while I'm working in Second Life, so I don't see all the nuts and bolts, but I do see the people in their perfect looks and dream. Who doesn't dream for a moment in the spotlight?

With a mentor maternal figure in my Second Life like Eve, I know that every day is a victory, and if I were dreaming of the red carpet night, I'd go home from Face Paint... but also go home to Face Paint... and I find joy in that. And Love and Care.

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