Friday, February 1, 2013

K-Collection from Liv-Glam, New EMO-tions and New Face Paint

I thrive in creative moments, with people of interest, people of intelligence and people driven by similar passions. I've explored all sorts of ways to invest time and energy into Second Life based on this.

Recently, Liv-Glam added a new designer and the K-Collection came into existence. Liv-Glam is a very good example of all those things that make me feel alive and vibrant and excited because the energy generated there is amazing.

We're all artists of a sort in Second Life. From the newly arrived who work to stretch the sliders and create their first avi to the newest building learning tips and tricks on how to get buildings of all sorts to look great.

One way I display my own personal sense of art comes in each styling of clothing. I search for clothing that suits my aesthetic and then work to make the clothing look best with the right accessories. Another way I display my sense of art shines here with every word I type. I continue to be a passionate writer. Blogging, styling, writing, modeling, designing... these are just some of the ways we express ourselves artistically. When I put on the Hope Jumpsuit from the K-Collection, it immediately felt like ME. It's another artistic point of view you'll find among the many talented participants on the Liv-Glam team.

This past week, EMO-tions put together a selection of hair releases that all had some Far Eastern influence. This style,  Rami, has two pieces so you have options. The first piece has the elegant jewelry built into the hair, and a unique side pony tail and braid.

The second piece adds volume over the shoulders so hair drapes long and wavy down your back and then does so in the front as well.

I paired the new K-Collection release Hope and the new EMO-tions release Rami with this week's 55L special from Face Paint called Raven. Many of Face Paint's recent looks were light, bright and cheerful, one named for a goddess and another named after a princes. Raven delves into the darker look, and when released as a full release, you'll find four versions of Raven, all equally stunning and fierce.

Featured K-Collection Hope Jumper
Featured Face Paint Raven Day Extreme
Featured EMO-tions Rami
1. Custom Shapee
2. Shiva: Riria Skin 002
3. Poetic Eyes: Autumn Moon
4. Liv-Glam Sculpted Lashes
5. Sexy Mama Valentine Sculpted Nails
6. AV Brianna Set
7. Stella: Palladium Boots Limited Edition
8. Morgane's Unicef Mother Earth 3
9. Miamai Model Pose So Easy

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