Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Sample Scripts from the desk of Caryn

A sweetheart of a lady who's going to be participating in the upcoming Dual Fashions fashion show asked for assistance with her outfit's script. She sent me her photos and her style card for each outfit. This is what I came up with for her:

As Spring approaches, everyone looks to the bright green world outdoors. (name) found herself coaxed by that enchanting promise of beauty and fresh air and chose this chic outfit Flower by Dual Fashions that perfectly echoes the siren song of renewal. Pinks contrast well against the turquoise top, from BP's Rosie Bangles to those fashionable Mons Rounded Sunglasses and the Lisanna hat from Glam Affair. Still more pink paints her face a pretty picture with Elymode Alato Makeup and Pink Poison Gloss by BlackLiquid. The boots come with the outfit and provide protection should the weather change, and speaking of weather, she remembers her Ula Lavendell Poppins Umbrella... just in case.

Elegance eases like the warmth of Spring as (name) comes to greet us wearing Dual Fashions Opera in White. The alluring dress blends a sensuality with refinement perfect for a special evening at the Opera. To enhance her charm, she's added the Sultry updo from Ravens in black and dark thick lashes by MG to match. Hints of color accent this look from the Lazuri Enchanted Red Ruby and Black Onyx jewelry, to the brilliant Red Glitter Grace sandals by GOS tucked just under the hem of the gown. You'll also note the make-up makes her face come alive with the joy of the moment as Pekka Party Eyeshadow in Pink and Aqua couples with BlackLiquid's Pink Poison gloss. Just as she turns to go, you notice the Enchanted Diamond gleam in the light and wonder, "When did she get engaged?"

If you're in a fashion show, directing, or any other back stage role and part of your duty is to write the text, I'd be glad to work with you. Just send me an IM in world to caryn Ashdene or email me at - I need the style card and a photo of the model. Let's have fun together!

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