Sunday, September 30, 2012

Boho Fair: The Look from 3 Perspectives

Tonight I'm reviewing three different designers and their distinctly specific perspective. All of the designers that participate in the Boho Culture Fair came to the event with the same basic theme but there are literally hundreds of interpretations.

F a s h i o n F e a r s offers a bandeau-like tube top and shorts with the print matching. Shorts are super cute with a denim edge. Two different cardigans may be worn over the tube top, both brilliant colors to shine when you take a walk down by the sea.

~Candy Metal~ provided a selection of skirts in two styles and multiple colors in the two styles and the middle look was complete from top to vest to bell bottom jeans with a distinctly 70s vibe print on the jeans. I found the extra long skirts suited to the tops that are included in the pants outfit, so with just a few pieces, you can create many looks, making your investment even more rewarding.

As I've committed to Emotions Hair to wear only their designs, I included the adds that were sent with the promotion for Hinako, and modeled the great oversized sweater. The hairstyle appears to be true to Hinako's usual youthful vibe and the innocent cozy sweater caters to that same theme with the words on back "Mon Amor" - best translated 'my friend.' You and your friends will enjoy the sweater and for those of you who look for that younger style, the hair from Hinako will work perfectly for you.

Candy Metal

Fashion Fears


My thanks to:
Face Paint
Emotions Hair
Artistry by ~E~ (1)
Mustang Trading Post (2)
ALB Boots (1)
HS Tennis Shoes (2)
BlackLace Jeans (3)
Sexy Mama Nails

Saturday, September 29, 2012

Liv-Glam's Latest Release - I LOVE It

I love this new dress from Liv-Glam. I know I'm biased, and I have the pleasure of working with the staff at Liv-Glam, but even with that bias, some pieces are always going to be more 'me' than others and this one spoke to me.

The texture that repeats on the dress itself and the tote exhibits some of the richest most sumptuous material I've seen created in Second Life. And boots. Yum. The leather slouch boot goes so well with the dress. I love boots. Earrings, a bracelet and a scarf also created to go with this look round it off perfectly AND provide some great pieces for mixing and matching in the future.

My thanks to:
Face Paint
Emotions Hair
(the wild lashes are from Liv-Glam as well)

Boho Fair: Two Jewelers' Additions

A while ago now, one of the girls I knew described in the most precious way her love of all things new in Second Life, but the explanation suits jewelry especially well.

Moonshadow Gipsy provides the first set of jewelry I'm reviewing tonight. My good friend had a self-proclaimed focus issue. She was incredibly clever and learned new things in Second Life all the time but each time she'd learn something new she said in her head it was like, "-working on project...-ohhh shiny" and before she knew it, that new idea, that new distraction, that new shiny idea would capture her attention. She found it most difficult to actually complete projects. These two jewelers made awesome 'shinies' to distract us from everything else. The earrings from Moonshadow Gipsy are hard to miss. They're super sized and perfect for the theme of this fair. Paired with the colorful bangles, you'll be able to use these items with so many Second Life favorites.

Mustang Trading Post provides two different sets of jewelry, also impressive in their ability to distract the eye and captivate, yet more delicate. The amethyst stones are set into dark metal.

And the second set from Mustang Trading Post seemed even more delicate, like the petals of a new pink rose. The color radiates a true femininity and adds just the right touch to any look from the very dressy to the soft autumn casual.

Moonshadow Gipsy
Mustang Trading Post

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Face Paint
Emotions Hair
Liv Glam Dresses
!!KKBB!! Heels (1)
Candy Nails

Boho Fair: Skins from Three Different Designers

Today, I got to preview a parade of skins from different designers and saw something unique with each I tried.

Brat[inc] shares that this designer comes to Second Life for the first time as a content creator. New skins from the 'brat' line will be released in the near future and can be found at their new store -

The second skin designer offers the Alisa Shape as well as a new skin with multiple make-up options...

So lovely the options offered from Mystic Canvas will tempt you into visiting their main store location so you can find so much more -

The skin pack shared at the Boho Fair from Step In Side offers a skin and shape for both men and women, with special eye make-up for women and facial hair for the men in addition to the skin. Seen above, the shape on the far left and then the four skin tones tan, rosy pale, normal and dark.

Many thanks to:
Emotions Hair
Carrie's Lingerie (1 & 2)
Karmas Creations Swim Suit and Glasses (3)
Sexy Mama Nails

Snowpaws News and Sales Information

Have you gotten your favorite color of the new Gathered Tweed Mesh Dress yet? It's the latest release from Snowpaws and it's a warm and snuggly new dress that comes in four colors. Brick (the one I chose and adore) is shown in the photo below and then there is Heather and Chocolate and Cozy Winter Grey.

Hunts add so much fun to any location. An air of mystery hangs in the air as you search with a few key clues, and when you've found the prize, you have something free and beautiful from your favorite designers like Snowpaws! This month you can find items from the All About Autumn Fair and Hunt...

The Twisted Hunt - where two prizes are hidden - one for the regular avi and one for the petite avi...

And the Big Things in Small Packages hunt where an orb is hidden containing a perfect petite prize.

Group Discount Item and Sales:

1. Group Discount Item - Toile Lavender Dress

2. Steals and Deals - Seraphin Amethyst Dress

3. Simply the Best - Folleto Peacock Outfit Moss

4. Designer Showcase - Toile Smoke Dress

5. The 100L Dress - Body Wrap Dress Cardinal

Please plan a trip to Snowpaws to snap up these special deals and while you're planning, invite a friend. Networking together with other Second Life friends makes everything more enjoyable and it certainly helps the businesses you enjoy most like your Snowpaws! 

Take a moment while you're at Snowpaws to write a brief note explaining how you you found Snowpaws or what brought you to Snowpaws the first time then leave it as a message in the answering machine in the store located near the Midnight Mania. From the list of entries left on the answering machine, each day a name will be chosen and the winner will receive a prize. The prize changes daily.

Friday, September 28, 2012

Boho Culture Fair: Stars Fashion, Firebird and Nya's Shop

 The Boho Culture Fair is Coming... October 15...

I'm so excited to be covering this fair. The diversity of participants in this event will be awesome which means that the array of goods you'll be able to find should be able to please even the choosiest of shoppers. Your favorite designers and some you've never heard of have joined in this and over the next month I will post a variety of items from the fair. The first three...

The maxi dress was a huge hit in the 70s and with the bohemian revival currently in progress in the fashion industry, all sorts of interpretations of this style dress have appeared. This one comes from Stars Fashion. It has a hemp texture to it with traditional autumnal colors. I paired this dress with a new autumn release from Artistry by ~E~ called the Emilia Set. Peeking below the skirt is a pair of suede maroon clogs that are also reminiscent of the 70s and accent this dress perfectly. Dress and shoes are part of the Boho Fair item.

This second look also has many pieces that work well together to communicate that laid back bohemian style. The large floppy hat is actually crocheted, not solid, so the pink you see in the photo is the background not the hat as a solid. The tank and jeans have matching prints and the sandals also included in this package have been colored perfectly to complete the look. You'll find a necklace that's also sold with this set from Nya's Shop at the Boho Fair.

Polyester perhaps? This print with the golden graphic print comes as mesh pants with a flair at the ankle reminiscent of the bell bottom without being overly large. I enjoy when a revival of a style like the bohemian/hippie style returns, but is always modernized along its journey. Demented Firebirds, the designer of these pants, have done a great job of blending the past with the present.

My thanks to:
Face Paint
Emotions Hair
Artistry by ~E~ (1)
Chop Zuey (2)
Sexy Mama Nails
Bliss Top (3)
R2 Shoes (3)

Liv-Glam Releases the Isodel Coat

Liv-Glam has released a new winter coat and there's a twist. One version of this coat is sold in the main store and the other will be sold exclusively at Oglam and will be included in the Oglam Lookbook.

One of my favorite childhood characters was Winnie the Pooh. My Daddy read to me from the original A. A. Milne books. I recalled the brilliant idea that Christopher Robin should dress up like it was going to rain when I put on the Isodel coat. Paired with a cute umbrella and I was ready for the role! That's the store version of the Isodel coat I'm wearing with the umbrella. I paired the second version of the Isodel coat for the Oglam Lookbook with the Blue Porchers slacks (from another great Liv-Glam release), chic and ready to do some holiday shopping. Oh my goodness. Is it really already holiday shopping...

My thanks to:
Face Paint
Emotions Hair
Delish Lashes
{what next} umbrella
{red}Mint Heart on a Stick Goodie
Pink Cherry Earrings (1)
Ben's Beauty Earrings (2)
*MJS* Boots (1)
N-Core Heels (2)
Sexy Mama Nails

Liv-Glam Koffle Shirt Dress Released

This week, a new dress from Liv-Glam was released, and for the first time in recent releases, a multiple texture HUD has been included, allowing for a variety of looks in one dress.

I paired the dress with a great little pair of ankle boots and a small clutch. With the options available, this sweet look could be glam'd up, or used ultra casually.

The various textures offered are shown above and regardless what your skin tone and hair color, you'll find something suitable just for you.

My thanks to:
Face Paint
Emotions Hair
Shiloh Jun Jewelry Bangles
Artistry by ~E~ Earrings and Bracelet
[AL] Shoes and Boots
CoCo Designs Clutch

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Great News from Charltina's

Charltina's thrills me with the sneak peeks I've had through the past month as the Charltina's family and business team - one and the same!! - work together to prepare for the fall fashion show.

On October 12, 2012 at 12 noon Dancing Into Fall With Joy begins. This event will be more than just a fashion show to display the amazing creative mind of Charltina Christensen. 

An entire staff of personnel have been gathered to make this a breathtaking show, a show filled with entertainment and beauty, a show that brings delight to the senses in decor and fashion for both men and women, and a show that demonstrates why Charltina's has been a success for many years and will be for many more to come.

The Balladeer will provide his incredible gift for this show and if you haven't heard him sing, when you attend the show, you will understand why I call it a gift.

More information to come in the next two weeks as we all eagerly anticipate this show. Please take a few moments and review these videos:

Contact -
Lady Helen Zhora - COO Charltina's
Psylynn Quartz - Administrative Director

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

PondLife and Halloween - FUN!

Over the next few weeks, I will explore PondLife's many Halloween treats and share some of what I see with you. 

When you first arrive at the PondLife Sim there are pathways leading you in many directions. One path looks like part of a crime scene in a Second Life version of CSI. Blood is everywhere. Main Level Teleport to Halloween
If you get turned around, use the link above to take you over to the teleport board. This little niche on the PondLife sim gives a small taste of all that is in store for you. Whether you're a big fan of CREEPY or CUTE, you'll find something suitable for your Halloween and/or Goth decor.

One of the key images that stood out to me at the teleport sign was the large fiery witch. Up above, high in the air on the Halloween set, you'll find even more of these witches and not all of them look friendly! Halloween Set (in air) Over PondLife

On my first visit earlier today to this Halloween mecca, I noticed the fidgeting brooms (seen in above photo on far left). They reminded me of the dancing brooms in Fantasia, and you know that those brooms meant mischief if you've seen the animated movie. Beside the brooms, there were scads of cauldrons, bubbling potions and blood and - gasp - one even had a Linden in it. Or is that Uncle Fester boiling. 

As the witches stir in Shakespeare's Macbeth (Act 4, Scene 1) "Double, double toil and trouble. Fire burn, and cauldron bubble." All month, between now and All Hallows Eve, I will share a little bit of magic and secret recipes for trouble from PondLife's darker side...

New From Face Paint and Artistry by ~E~

The beauty of Face Paint shines in the latest work by Eve Express and when paired with gorgeous jewelry from Artistry by ~E~ from Endra Graves, the look is stunning.

Face Paint has two Kitty Cat make-up looks on sale for 55L Thursday, one shown above and another with a darker eye, sold as a duo so you get both for the low sale price. Wow.

The jewelry Etta does an ideal job of blending pearls with metal, and in this case gold. I've found over the past year since I discovered Artistry by ~E~ the overall aesthetic of many of her pieces suit my own sense of personal style well. I'd find a place for this jewelry set in my world off line if I could afford it! There are new designs out for fall. I must pace myself. I must... 

Many thanks to:
Face Paint (new!)
Emotions Hair
Artistry by ~E~ (new)
Candy Nails

Liv-Glam's Latest Including Tomorrow's 55L

After a peek at all the goodies from Liv-Glam, I had to smile. This week, with new releases, specials for Secret Wednesday (today 9.26.2012) and tomorrow's 55L deal, you can understand perhaps why I smile.

For tomorrow's 55L deal, you receive this set of separates that all work wonderfully well together or could be worn with other Liv-Glam favorites. The top blends lace over the breasts and over each shoulder with the polka dot print that echoes in the skirt. The jacket then is mesh and lays over the top but worn open. The jacket is black with polka dots on the lapel. Then the mesh skirt is unique in its cut, short like a mini in the front and draping low in the back. It's print is elegant and simple.

Liv-Glam participates in a new hunt that begins October 1. I really liked the notion behind this hunt. Each of the designers that participate have chosen someone special to them, influential in their design process, and someone who is no longer living to honor and commemorate in their own way. Liv-Glam's designer SamanthaSJones has chosen Amy Winehouse. There is a small blue heart hidden at Liv-Glam containing the Amy Winehouse Tribute dress seen in the photo below on the far left.

The other two dresses come new also at Liv-Glam and released today 9.26.2012 as Secret Wednesday deals - Vera Vintage shown in a dark orange and Jenny Asymmetric shown in a lavendar. They are both offered with pantone colors preset and each have a distinctly different cut and style. Either one or both will add to your world and help you to Liv-Glam-orously.

Many thanks to:

Photo 1-
Face Paint
Emotions Hair
Artistry by ~E~
Bax Boots
Artistry by ~E~ Prop
Candy Nails

Photo 2-
Face Paint
Emotions Hair 
Finesmith Jewelry (1)
Chop Zuey (2)
Artistry by ~E~ (3)
tulip Stockings (3)
Candy Nails

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Some Big and Little Changese

As of today, I've made some major decisions regarding my Second Life work investment. I've had the pleasure of working with a fine array of creative talent and blogged so many designs. I'm on my 360th item and my 6000+ viewers, and it feels like a very successful year.

From those many different creative minds, I've been permitted to get closer still to some designers and even added to the staff and board of a few. It's in that direction that I head now with my heart pounding in my chest at the excitement that is always there when we make new life choices.

I will still blog but with less time to put into the process, I will be more selective in what I do. I believe deeply in brand loyalty. I have created some amazing relationships with a few brands in addition to Face Paint that will become my primary focus. I look forward to what the future holds!


RMK Gothic Event and New Costume

It's that fun time of year when everyone, regardless their interest in Second Life from role-play to fashionistas to racing speedboats to laying out at the beach pause and look to play dress up...

You'll find this witchy number as part of the fun and starting on October 1, running through the entire month of October, you'll find all sorts of Halloween plans at the RMK Gothic sim: RMK Gothic Sim

My thanks to:
Face Paint
Emotions Hair
Candy Nails Prim Feet
Candy Nails 

Friday, September 21, 2012

Snowpaws News, New Releases, New Hunts and More

This weekend kicks off another great weekend for Snowpaws with a new release for all you cozy warm clothing lovers - the Gathered Tweed Mesh Dress (Heather - shown in photo, Chocolate, Brick, and Cozy Winter Grey). If you haven't gotten yours yet, you're going to want to have yours and this weekend is the perfect time to shop.

Several events will make you smile you'll want to visit to participate. Today kicks off the All About Autumn Fair and Acorn Hunt. So many reasons to attend this fair. Old Europe Autumn Fair and Hunt

Big Things Small Packages Petites Hunt is on...try your luck finding the orb in the Petites section. And The Wildly popular Twisted Hunt has a petite prize as well as a biggie prize!

Group Discount and Sales:

1. Group Discount - Toile Lavender Dress

2. Steals and Deals - Kita Bodysuit Ochre

3. Simply the Best - Fiore Thistle Bodysuit and Flowers

4. Designer Showcase - Toile Smoke Dress

5. Today 9.21.2012 100L Dress - Lunir Sparkling Cocktail Dress Noir

Grab a friend and head over to Snowpaws, hunt and shop and hunt some more. It will make you smile!

Thursday, September 20, 2012

OPOPOP: Mai Tai in Red - Mesh Armwarmers

With hits like Smash and The Black Swan, all sorts of gear associated with warm-ups and dance and the costuming of artists in motion have become fashion favorites this fall.

It's not quite a fingerless glove but the look is similar and may be used with many favorite counter cultural styles that oddly enough become more mainstream daily (like the Gothic and Urban Grunge looks). OPOPOP offers mesh arm warmers that will enhance any autumn attire you enjoy.

Many thanks to:
Face Paint
Emotions Hair
One Hundred Corset
::cheeky:: Shorts
Kashooey Boots
Sexy Mama Nails
Zuri's Jewelry
Digi Stylez Glasses

Liv-Glam Sales, Special Designer Showcase Feature and Hunt

Sales each week make it easy to be a first time Liv-Glam shopper. Bring a friend or a newcomer to Second Life with you next time you pop in for one of the many great deals offered.

This smashing trench coat, a special texture set aside for Fi*Fridays of the Amy Trench Coat, has a great animal-like print on it and can be worn alone as a coat dress, or as outerwear with your favorite hats, gloves, boots and everything else that makes you feel warm and toasty in the cooler autumn weather.

The Dolci Dress has two great patterns for you to choose from or choose both as they're terrific in design and colorful in a way that all of your favorite accessories will match perfectly... the brighter pantone colors can be seen in the one above...

...and more muted tones are shown in the second Dolci Dress special. Again, awesome colors blend together in such a way that you'll find it easy to accessorize and look and feel Liv-Glam-orous.

Last but certainly not least, the Macy Outfit has a carefully cropped top made of brilliant fall colors that lays against the upper body and offers a wink of skin all the way up to the brooch that closes the top at the collar bone. A dark trouser with a dropped crotch and waistband made with the same material in the top completes this pants set.


Available ONLY at the Designer Showcase

The Amy Trenchcoat is already a Liv-Glam favorite! And now you can get an exclusive design at the Designer Showcase. Shades of forest green and beige make up the plaid print. Take a friend by the hand and drag them if you have to over to this great bi-monthly event. You'll find this awesome trench and while you're there, you'll notice a great array of designs by other artists you may not have tried yet.


Liv-Glam joins with top designers all over Second Life in this fall's All About Autumn Fair and Acorn Hunt. -- there will be prize giveaways, dancing, DJs, and lightshows at night with music from Kitaro, Joan Baez, Paul Butterfield, blues, folk and rock, an acorn themed ferris wheel, boat rides, and a flying acorn tour. You can even watch the Happy Hunting Show from treet tv on Friday September 28th at 3pm to see the show host Cinder Vale interview Old Europe Village co-owner and fair organizer Up4 Dawes as he takes you on a walking tour of the  fair. Visit for more Happy Hunting information.