Thursday, September 13, 2012

Zanze Couture at Gypset Market

You cannot beat the deals you'll find at the BeStyle sponsored Gypset Market. Designers all over the grid showcase their awesome talents and offer items at a discount to tempt you to get one of each. This month, ZE House of Couture offered a great bohemian look at Gypset. (ZE House of Couture @ Gypset)

A gorgeous paisley pink and green print hugs your hips. A cropped long sleeve top falls just below the breast leaving the abdomen exposed. This design works perfectly for this time of year, with the long skirt and long sleeves, but still has remnants of summer shimmering in both the choice of color and the expanse of skin showing. The handbag accessory comes for either right or left arm with a special pose programmed in so you can toss all your new ZE purchases in your bag as you shop!

Many thanks to:
Face Paint
Emotions Hair
N-Core Shoes
Finesmith Belly Jewel
Artistry by ~E~ Jewelry set
Candy Nails

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