Saturday, September 29, 2012

Boho Fair: Two Jewelers' Additions

A while ago now, one of the girls I knew described in the most precious way her love of all things new in Second Life, but the explanation suits jewelry especially well.

Moonshadow Gipsy provides the first set of jewelry I'm reviewing tonight. My good friend had a self-proclaimed focus issue. She was incredibly clever and learned new things in Second Life all the time but each time she'd learn something new she said in her head it was like, "-working on project...-ohhh shiny" and before she knew it, that new idea, that new distraction, that new shiny idea would capture her attention. She found it most difficult to actually complete projects. These two jewelers made awesome 'shinies' to distract us from everything else. The earrings from Moonshadow Gipsy are hard to miss. They're super sized and perfect for the theme of this fair. Paired with the colorful bangles, you'll be able to use these items with so many Second Life favorites.

Mustang Trading Post provides two different sets of jewelry, also impressive in their ability to distract the eye and captivate, yet more delicate. The amethyst stones are set into dark metal.

And the second set from Mustang Trading Post seemed even more delicate, like the petals of a new pink rose. The color radiates a true femininity and adds just the right touch to any look from the very dressy to the soft autumn casual.

Moonshadow Gipsy
Mustang Trading Post

My thanks to:
Face Paint
Emotions Hair
Liv Glam Dresses
!!KKBB!! Heels (1)
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