Sunday, September 2, 2012

IntimateLife (PondLife Enterprises) Blowout Sale

What do you give someone in Second Life - someone who has everything - has been in world forever - and might be a wee bit spoiled?

A very good friend of mine is such a person and the first thing that came to mind was "something from IntimateLife"! Aha! And then I realized that IntimateLife (PondLife Enterprises) is saying goodbye to summer with a great sale on picnic supplies! From interactive picnic tables to BBQ grills to ice chests to extra platters of food for your guests.

Or in this case - HER guests. Yay. And at this end of summer price, who could pass up the opportunity to really spoil a friend. 99L-199L for all sorts of treats from now til Monday evening (9.3.2012) 

I still haven't figured out what I'm actually going to get her, but the ideas here seem endless and absolutely stunning. Fall is a perfect season in my part of the world for outdoor grilling, picnics and all sorts of fun, and a perfect time for IntimateLife's newest sale.

Visit: Picnic and BBQ Grills @ PondLife

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