Sunday, September 2, 2012

Masai Mara: Charity Event, Liv-Glam and Clemson University 1st Life Article

I am just a short drive away from Clemson University and used to be a huge Tigers fan when I was younger. Yes, back in the Stone Age! ~smiles~

Masai Mara Article

Many designers are banding together to commit to this latest fund raiser in Second Life including Liv-Glam. Of all the ways to spend our time in Second Life, the places and people who devote events to raising money for all sorts of causes impress me.

Some of the items you'll find at Liv-Glam's kiosk for this event are suitably textured to represent Kenya, the safari and all the beauty that is Africa.

Two dresses with animal prints provide support for this charity event...

Plus a jumpsuit and a great pair of shoes that has so many options on this single pair of shoes, you could get them to go with every Liv-Glam outfit, and change the HUD to make the shoes match perfectly.

My thanks to:
Face Paint
Emotions Hair (1), W&Y Hair (2) and Calico Ingmann Hair (3)
Chop Zuey Jewelry (1), HS Jewelry (2&3)
Candy Nails

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