Sunday, September 16, 2012

Liv-Glam: Fashion Show New Releases and New Gift

What a show it was last night, showcasing all the designing talent of the owner and designer of Liv-Glam!

This week's gift is called the Runway Gift. You can get it as part of the VIP group. (The VIP group is a one time fee of 200L to join and weekly gifts ensue. You don't want to miss this opportunity.)

Plum (seen above)... Lime... Fuschia... Rouge... Coco... Azul...  The selection of colors for the new Janel Dress and the rich textures used make this dress that mixes mesh and flexible fabric a beautiful must for your wardrobe.

Plum (seen above) ... Green... Fuschia... Coco... Azul... Rouge... Noir... The Countess Satin Gown is another elegant look that was released just in time for the fashion show. Long sleek mesh skirt with a flexible layer at the ankles and a cropped top make this gown a little bit more playful showing more skin, yet still crisp and beautiful for any occasion.

Rouge... Navy... Plum... Olive... Noir... The Caryn Outfit was released soon after Liv-Glam opened. However, as it has a great mesh pants layer, a top and a jacket layer, it's been released again as a fall outfit, and comes in these five colors. One surely suits you.

Rouge (seen above) ... Olive... Noir... Fuschia... Coco... Azul... The Charlotte Rhino pants outfit has a great selection of pieces to complete the overall look. You have a mesh corset that really nips at the waistline then a jacket with fluttering fur lays over the corset. In the set, you have the option for pants suitable for boots or as seen in the photos of the many colors, a pair of pants designed to wear with your favorite heels.

White (shown above)... Sequin... Mustard... Lime... Coco... Beige... Azul... The Bradshaw Vintage Outfit also has a great corset paired with pants that have become such a hit this fall with the dropped crotch so low that it almost reaches the ankles.  You can choose one that fits you to a tee, or grab all of them while they're a hot commodity! 

The Designer Circle runs every two weeks and for this cycle, a special version of the Bradshaw Vintage outfit with bold red and autumn colored stripes is offered, a special version of the Charlotte Rhino outfit comes with a great textured gradient that begins with a plum color near the face and then drops to a mustard gold tone at the hips, paired with a brown jacket and black pants, and finally a special version of the Kim also waits for you at the Designer Circle. We hope you enjoyed the fashion show and all things Liv-Glam. Look forward to more shows in the future and take advantage of all the great new designs that have been released for fall. You'll look and live glamorously.

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