Sunday, November 23, 2014

Embracing the Good Days -- Featuring !Lyrical B!zarre Templates from The Couturier's Docks, Featuring Wicca's Wardrobe, also from The Couturier's Docks, Featuring >Asset< and Featuring {{BSD Design Studio}}

It's hit me, so to speak. There's nothing new to report on my horizon, but it's the time of year when everyone has the sneezles but I'm the one who gets in bed with a fever too. I feel on top of the world, despite the challenge, and so far I also feel like I'm ahead of the curve. It's 23 November, and I've slowed down a minute or two, maybe 3 or 4 blogs a week instead of 7-10, but that's good! 
This time last year, I learned that the pain = cancer and complications and scared and fear and oh my goodness, life was complicated. In comparison, I'm HAPPY and doing well. It's all in the perspective. I know so many friends who struggle this time of year, with loss of loved ones, loss of job, loss of family or loss of health. I feel so passionately about reaching out, touching one another, networking beyond just the business aspect, to the core of each of our hearts, so that beyond the work, we each feel uplifted, remembered, and special.

It's a treat to prepare for the up coming events, and the monthly specials. I have a few items to share with you, and a whole heart to share in the process. First, Lyrical B!zarre Templates has this coat dress, Denara, on sale at 2Lei, I just learned from her that 2Lei was created by a group of people working collaboratively to raise money as well as awareness for the "International Day For the Elimination Of Violence Against Women" and Denara was created so that 100% of the money paid for this goes to support this cause.
The cool beyond blue jeans denim pants, Anakari, come from Wicca's Wardrobe, stylish, chic, and more than just another pair of jeans. BSD Design studio has several new pair of heels out and the ones shown in this style are called Lucky Days Raw Red Silk. Another designer with a plethora of new releases is >Asset<, and Pannan is a casual sleek little short 'do' for you to love. With all the arctic air blasting, even those of us farrrrrrr too far south for the cold air, this outfit felt like it would be just the thing to ward off that wintry assault.
Featuring Lyrical B!zarre Templates Denara from 2Lei

Featuring Wicca's Wardrobe Anakari Pants from The Couturier's Docks
Featuring {{BSD Design Studio}} Lucky Days Raw Red Silk
Featuring >Asset< Pannan Hair
1. Maxi Gossamer Lashes
2. KMADD/Moda Mesh Eyes
3. October's 4Seasons Lily Skin Tone (Angelina)
--Cherry Blossom Gloss
-- Innocence Subtle Purple Shadow
4. SLink Elegant 1 Hands
-- Female Feet High
5. Behavior Body Animations Poses

Friday, November 21, 2014

It's Friday!! -- Featuring !Lybra, Chop Zuey and Truth

After a week of ups and downs, it's finally Friday again. Yay! I hope you fill your weekend with fun, family and friends, and always embrace those you love dearly and make sure they know. I recently watched Werner Herzog's From One Second To The Next, a documentary that's only 35 minutes long, but so intense and impacting. It covers the topic of texting while driving and shares several family struggles as they related to the topic. I love Werner Herzog's point of view and had seen several things he created prior to this and knew this would create energy and make a sincere point. It succeeded. It's not one of those things you would rush out to rent, but if you have access to it via Netflix, HULU or Amazon Streaming you should see it and share it.
This morning, I want to show you a beautiful new addition to the collection at Lybra. Such a fashion now style, this gown has the long flourish of a formal gown with the frisky mini showing lots of leg as well. Natalia from Lybra blends the formality of a long gown with the playful nature of a miniskirt. I paired the new gown with the Betty 2.0 Set from Chop Zuey. You'll have options to change the metal as well as the stones in this set, making it multifunctional. I've tried to wear this cute new Truth Sian, a new cut that ended up being a bit more challenging to do because the style is playful, fun, short and somewhat casual. With this outfit, however, I thought it fit perfectly. I loved the hair and just waited for the right time to share.

Featuring !Lybra Natalia
Featuring Chop Zuey Betty 2.0 Texture Change Set (Gifts)
Featuring Truth Sian
1. SLink Elegant 1 Hands
-- Female Feet High
2. blackLiquid Autumn Nails
3. Maxi Gossamer Inverted Crown Lashes
4. KMADD/Moda Mesh Eyes
5. October's 4Seasons Limited Edition Milk
6. Countdown Poses

Thursday, November 20, 2014

New At The Couturier's Dock - Expansion Coming Soon -- Featuring Baoba from The Couturier's Docks and Whimsical Imaginarium

The Couturier's Dock event displays an array of designers each month, allowing each designer the opportunity to advertise limited quantities of the item they display. This month, Baoba has a lovely bowed hat called Divina.

Whimsical Imaginarium, also on the Salimar Sim, brought home the Sugared Skulls collection from one of the recent events and now you can get it in the main store; La Novia shown in photos above.
The Salimar sim announced recently that their group project - The Couturier's Dock - will be expanding in the next few months, exciting news from an already great program.Vestige Fashion created a set of 10 poses called Female Noir and I've shown two more from the collection in this series.
Have fun with it and enjoy your world! Thank you for being a part of mine.

Featuring Baoba Divina from The Couturier's Dock
Featuring Whimsical Imaginarium La Novia
1. October's 4Seasons Limited Edition Angelina Milk
2. SLink Elegant 1 Hands
-- Female Feet High
3. Silken Moon Matrushka Nails
4. HOLLYHOOD Godiva Mesh Red Heels
5. Truth Dasha
6. Vestige Fashion Instruments Female Noir Pose Set

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Bustling Towards the Holidays -- Featuring Wicca's Wardrobe from The Couturier's Docks, Chop Zuey, >Asset<, Lyrical B!zarre Templates and Vestige Fashions from The Instruments

I stopped to take photos today when I popped in online. It's gotten crazy busy this past week, with family and gifting and holidays to plan, and I'm more alert and aware this year than I've been in many years, so I FEEL the busy. I'm excited about it! I feel like I'm thriving because of it instead of crumbling or curling up into a tiny little hide me now ball. I did catch a cold somewhere this past weekend. I don't care for them, but who does. I'd rather get normal colds any old day compared to what I faced this time last year.
So the photos... I put together items from several events, and eagerly begin looking for holiday type looks to share, because I'm in the mood. For this style, I pulled items from Wicca's Wardrobe at this past month's The Couturier's Docks event and know that any day now, new items for TCD will be ready to share. Meanwhile, enjoy the Juliet Bag and Juliet Hat. I've paired Lyrical B!zarre Templates with the items from Wicca's, a new gown called Anne. It's one of those understated gowns that wows with simplicity and beauty. The Romero Britto collection came out this month and will be something easily paired with a whole array of styles and colors because there's a color options HUD included with this great set from Chop Zuey. I don't believe I've had a lot of exposure to products from Vestige Fashion (one of many reasons I lovvvveeeeee event blogging, I get to meet new designers and style new creations all the time) and these poses from The Instruments event were perfect for the look I wanted. I'll share the poses a couple of times so you can see the variety of 10 from this pack called Female Noir. >Asset< released a whole array of new hair styles, and as is their tradition so far, I found that this style called Kitaru would work for either gender. I know it's not as easy to find items for the male population in SL, so any time something has a unisex approach, I'm happy to share.
New events are on the horizon. I'm excited about this year's Peace On Earth Hunt as well as the Jewelry and Accessory Fair (2). I had such a great time with the one from last year, that I cannot wait for them to begin. Both come in December, but I'm already chomping at the bit! See you soon. <3

Featuring !Lyrical B!zarre Templates Anne Dress
Featuring Wicca's Wardrobe Juliet Hat from October's The Couturier's Docks
Featuring Wicca's Wardrobe Juliet Bag from October's The Couturier's Docks
Featuring Vestige Fashion Female Noir Poses From The Instruments November
Featuring Chop Zuey Romero Britto Collection Monday's Child Jewelry
Featuring >Asset< Kitaru
1. SLink Female Feet High
-- Elegant 1 Hands
2. October's 4Seasons Lily Skin Tone Angelina
3. KMADD/Moda Mesh Eyes
4. Maxi Gossamer Thick Full Lashes

Saturday, November 15, 2014

Chop Zuey Girl Live Contest Day 1 -- Featuring Nya's Shop

It was a lot of fun to put together this outfit last night. I was preparing to work at Chop Zuey but even more so, I wanted to wear something new and awesome to the Chop Zuey Girl first live contest this morning.
I pulled together a dress from Nya's Shop called Happy Dress Sangria, sold at this month's rotation for The Instruments The event. I just bought the hair as well, new from Truth Hair called Aida.
My heart beats a little faster when I try to find pieces from Chop Zuey, play with them to repurpose, relocate or use as a different type of jewelry, and in this case, I took a set of bracelets and used one as a choker.

Featuring Nya's HappyDress Sangria from The Instruments
Featuring Truth Aida
1. MG Full Groomed Lashes
2. KMADD/Moda Mesh Eyes
3. SLink Female Feet High
-- Elegant 1 Hands
4. October's 4Seasons Pearl Skin Tone Laila
5. Liv-Glam Natasha High Heels
6. Chop Zuey Impromptu Bracelets (One repurposed as a choker)
-- Zigeunermusik Earrings
7. PosESioN Irish Pose Set

Tiny Footprints -- Featuring !Lybra and Dulce Secrets From Tiny Footprints Charity Event

Tiny Footprints is a new idea to me but so wonderfully special. This week, this charity has items for sale that help raise funds to support the charity. For families who lose children at a very young age, Tiny Footprints works to connect those families with skilled photographers who will take a special memories photograph to commemorate their young child's life. You can read more about the organization and what they stand for and do, and donate directly here: 
I have on a gown that's designed by Lybra called Dementia. This purchase goes 100% to the charity, and is a beautiful vintage clothing style. I also picked up the array of makeup from Dulce Secrets called Over the Rainbow, also set to donate 100% of the proceeds to this charity.
You can find designers from all different points of view at this event. I hope you have time to go by and see. You can find this in SL at…/Oracle%20Sparc/…/207/37

Featuring !:Lybra:! Dementia From Tiny Footprints Charity Event
Featuring Dulce Secrets Over the Rainbow Makeup From Tiny Footprints Charity Event
1. -{ZOZ}- Candy Lines Polish
2. SLink Female Feet High
-- Elegant 1 Nails
3. *~*Damesfly*~* Drewleigh
4. October's 4Seasons Lily Skin Tone With Brown Brows (Angelina)
5. -LOUX- Lips #9
6. Chop Zuey Singing Heart (Purple) Necklace and Earrings
7. KMADD/Moda Mesh Eyes
8. Gaeline Magnificia Lashes
9. Inertia Poses

Friday, November 14, 2014

A New Designer Joins the Design Team at Zanze -- Featuring Zanze; Also Featuring no. 7

Every now and then I feel one of the photos I took so intensely even though it's not specifically a blogger photo. I often weed it out, because you really can't see the elements of the items I've been asked to blog, but this time I included one.
I thought this dress, Corazon from zanze was pretty, something I'd pull out, even now in the south, and wear to have a girls lunch or to meet my secret lover for midday drinks and a tryst. Naughty, eh? It must be my Friday mood. The facial decorations fit the lighthearted fun afternoon eye-dea... get it?
But I think a proper tryst would mean I had to remove no. 7's newest release Changing season, couture lashes, though they're really more like facial gems. I wore Gaeline's HUD operated mesh lashes as well. The item from no. 7 is the filigree silver and red gems that fit to the left side of the face.
I'm really happy that Ms. Fizz Lennie Devina aka Fuzz Lennie has joined the design team at Zanze and recognize her fresh eyes as an asset to this already awesome business. I can't wait to see more from her and Zzoiee aka Zoie Zee. I just loved the black photo, the lighting, the energy it created, so it's not the best frame to see the dress, but it's just too much fun not to share it! Happy Friday.

Featuring Zanze Corazon Dress 
Featuring no. 7 Changing Season Couture Headpiece
1. .:JUMO:. Riyadh Silver Heels
2. SLink Female Feet High
-- Elegant 1 Hands
3. Danielle Christmas Earrings
4. AV Paws Ring
5. October's 4Seasons Papavar Skin Tone Angelina Face
6. Gaeline Felicia
7. EMO-tions Renee
8. KMADD/Moda Mesh Eyes
9. Corpus Poses
10. MS Poses

Thursday, November 13, 2014

Lots Of Pictures, Lots Of Beauty, Lots of Fun -- Featuring Sabra Style November Releases, Featuring Truth Sian

Kylie Sabra has an array of hats she wears, and everything she does, she attacks with passion and energy and influences the world around her as a result. Besides being a tremendous designer, she works in one of the finest Art Galleries on the grid as curator, the Rose Theater Art Galleries.
I've had the joy of spending time with her, in public spheres and private spheres and I admire everything she touches. The clothing collage I put together displays an array of items she's created and has for sale this month at Sabra Style. I don't know how she manages to keep up with everything, but look at how well she does!
If you've never visited the gallery, I encourage you to go. Are you an artist? You should drop her a note card. Have you seen her collection of clothing she's created? You must go. When someone works with as much passion as she exhibits, you know that you're going to love something if not everything there is to love about what she does. Visit. See. Invest. Enjoy!

Featuring Autumn Sabra Style (a & b)
Featuring Truth Sian
1. Dark Horse Nails Gold Stripe Polka Dots
2. SLink Elegant 1 Hands
-- Female Feet High
3. October's 4Seasons 55L Thursday Special Edition Cinnamon Skin Tone Giselle Face
-- Golden skiss Gloss
4. FuLo Bangles and Watch Set Gold
5. VIOLATOR The Dark Note
6. KMADD/Moda Mesh Eyes
7. Corpus Poses
8. Gaeline Fantasia Lashes

#c Chelsea Blue, -{ZOZ}- Ria Heels Cocoa Middle, Kunglers Medusa Earrings
#d Gayla Grey (Includes Special SLink Nail Applicator)
#e Celestine Blue Without Skirts
#f Collette Sweater Red Pin Stripe
-- Collette Slacks Mocha Plaid
#g Evelyn in Red







Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Celebrating New Gifts and Talents -- Featuring Baboom Couture (Including New Items from WEIB Sale Room), Also Featuring October's 4Seasons 55L Thursday Debut

It's back to business as usual at my house after a 5 day weekend that culminated with Veteran's Day. I'm not sure what the lettering is exactly of the new family day status, but local bases have the privilege at the top I imagine, perhaps the CO/XO, to decide on a certain number of family days for those who are stationed stateside. It helps balance the many extra hours that are served while deployed, traveling, at schools, etc. and gives the family special time to share as a result. Often the Friday after Thanksgiving is declared one of these days. Other holidays that come randomly through the year might tack on an extra day or half day, and this year, since Veteran's Day was on a Tuesday, they were able to extend the weekend by an extra day by giving Monday off too. Usually, I'm about ready to growl by the time Mr. goes back to work, but this weekend was really great. I was sorry to see him go. Now we settle into the weird pace of the holidays, all the things that need attention, long distance family, and all that jazz. I feel better in November than I have in years. Today I do. So today I will embrace the day with all that I am and share a bit of all that I am with you, my extended family and friends whom I love with gentleness and passion.
I received a note from Kyra Camel, the designer at Baboom! that announced her first mesh creations were ready for sale at Baboom! and would I consider blogging a few items for her. I rejoice in the success of new things learned, how they influence the designer, their store, and our fashion world in turn. I told her I would cheer loudly and tell the world how I shared her joy and excitement for this big new hurdle to be jumped successfully and now I look forward to seeing what she comes up with next. There are a selection of tops and skirts with different patterns. I chose one of the skirts, Original Mesh Flower Skirt Brown, to show off her newly learned talent. I pulled one of Snowpaws tops in to complete the basic outfit because I had to leave the back exposed. I've shown you one view of the special edition Giselle that comes out tomorrow for 55L Thursday, but you hadn't seen the back of this sensual skin, and thus you did not know that a henna tattoo was part of the skin. My shoes come also from Baboom Couture, Dolores for High SLink feet are at the WEIB special sale room this month and they accessorize the new mesh items at Baboom! very well.
It's a great way to begin the day, feeling alive, alert, and able to enjoy the very simple things and celebrate the complicated things. I TRIED to teach myself blender. I taught myself HTML and a few other computer tricks, can create actual house floor plans with CAD, and a church bulletin with software I cannot remember. When I'm curious about new things that come along, and mesh has been around a while now, I attack it with gusto, and don't believe that I might not be able to figure it out. I always start on the premise that I will learn it, given time. I just haven't learned mesh yet, and I admire those who have! I'd love to take a class on it, like at the local community college, but I won't hold my breath. When I have a 'feeling better' week or two, I have this inner voice telling me to take on the world. Me and my Despicable Me Minions could do it, take over the world, but today I think I'll just play with great designs, style, photograph and enjoy you and me and this world. I paused to read Mr. Frolic Juan Delgado's latest news regarding his new book and that too excited me. Even if you don't have a clue who he is, he's writing a book about his experience in Second Life fashion and modeling and all he's accomplished in the past years, as memoirs. I'm not sure how many virtual world memoirs have been published, or how many I would find interesting if they've been done before, but this is a man who's changed the world, and someone I respect. I'll keep you posted, and let you know the book's name and it's publisher, where to find it etc. as soon as he announces it.

Featuring October's 4Seasons 55L Thursday Special Edition Giselle in Cinnamon - New Skin Tone
Featuring Baboom! NEW Original Mesh Skirt Flower Brown Long 003
Featuring Baboom! Dolores SLink High Black from WEIB Special Sale Room
1. [AMARELO MANGA] Necklace Aurora [Onix]
2. Tres Beau Belled Earrings
3. Snowpaws Adele Halter Black
4. SLink Female Feet High
-- Elegant 1 Hands
5. Maxi Gossamer Wild Full Thick Lashes
6. Analog Dog Joan
7. Muse Poses
8. KMADD/Moda Mesh Eyes

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

A Contest For Everyone -- October's 4Seasons Hosts a Natural Beauty Contest

Submit a raw snapshot of you wearing October's 4Seasons products and submit to Selene Snowpaw by Friday, November 14th at 11 p.m.

Your photos will be posted in the store for voting by fellow customers between November 12 and November 21. Winners will be announced November 22.

Monday, November 10, 2014

New Tech, New Rules - October's 4Seasons Joined 55L Thursdays: An INCREDIBLE Deal - Bombshie from Designer Showcase and New WTB

This morning I read an article on the camera drones that are under 500 USD, so inexpensive that the average joe could afford one and it seems many many average college age joes and joettes have bought one and operate them everywhere from the beaches to the center of their home team football field for Opening Day games. In the last few years, new technology appears on the market so quickly that the regulators related to the new technology have to run to keep up with what's created, try to make rules associated to that tech make sense, and yet keep the freedom of commerce and fun in the original product so people are happy. If the young people or old people or in between people own and operate these drones on their own private property, the risk for danger factor remains relatively personal, and if a crash occurs, a failure of the tech in the drone, it's usually to the detriment of the private operator. However, when the same tech is deployed over a stadium filled to the max with 106,000 people waiting for kick off (and this is happening over seas with loads of football matches as well), the risk for danger factor exponentially escalates and the rules to limit or control the tech have not been clearly defined so there's a massive loop hole right now and I can only imagine that this will continue to be the case in the years to come with tech coming at us as fast as light and faster.
Yesterday, a friend of mine came to me with a couple of screen shots she'd taken while traversing Second Life, searching for information on a newly released bit of tech for the mesh products we're all trying to sort out for ourselves. In her travels, she found a place that specialized in littles aka children/girls who have a very specific role in Second Life according to the TOS. They're allowed, but only in certain areas, never in areas related to sexuality and the acts considered sexual in nature. Yet she found a whole new slew of items created to add breast and hip attachments to the child avatars. It's another example of how tech is ahead of the rules and ahead of the people who are out there trying to analyze content creation in such a way that they encourage creativity and do not stifle the interest creators have in the virtual world, but also keep the rules set in place by the TOS. As far as I remember, the TOS went through a major overhaul in 2007/2008 because of several lawsuits, and part of that litigation included regulation of the child avatar, where it was permitted, how it was permitted to be used and to interact in the Second Life community. Having accessories that attach to child avatars to in essence give little girls breasts and hips steps very close to a line that seems contradictory at first glance. When I saw her notes and images, I could see how she perceived that accentuating the sexuality of a child/girl might be a contradiction of elements related to that change in rules of the TOS and the use of child avatars. But at the moment, professionally analyzing just the content creator, the tech, they're in the same type of loop hole. They're not telling someone to break the rules. They're not showing specific imagery of the girls with said enhanced female bits. They're not making this person or that buy their items.
Both the drone creator and the mesh enhancements HUD touch the edges of what's already been litigated. The result makes for complicated discussion, investigation of intention, exploration of fact, analysis of previous litigation, and a fair and just application of new rules for new tech. Meanwhile, consumers like me who payed for a ticket for family members to be able to attend Georgia Bulldogs next game must be aware that there are risks associated to said drones, and if that family member sees one flying nearby, their attention must be averted from the game long enough to assess their own personal safety in lieu of someone else policing it with decision to remove it. Just because I think or said family member believes that it shouldn't be there, at the moment, they are flying over stadiums. They are already there. It would be foolish to ignore them. It could be frustrating to some, and in fact deadly to a rare few. There's a case of a person who operated a drone in a city park who killed himself inadvertently using one of these camera drones legally and within the parameters of that park, and still he faced dire consequences. I don't know what will happen with the items from Second Life that collect all of our mesh pieces and make application easier, and if people will use those new bits of tech to push the child avatar rules. I know when I end up somewhere where I feel uncomfortable, I watch carefully for risks and dangers, look to my own inner voice for decisions, and act accordingly until the regulators have time to do what they do.
I put together this outfit today as I was thinking about this topic. As I did, I was so excited to make sure you knew that October's 4Seasons joined the 55L Thursday group and will begin having 55L items regularly. This new 55L special edition skin will be out this weekend, beginning November 13 running through the weekend to November 16. At 55L - what a deal!! I'm also sharing pieces from Bombshie, Dominga Gold Belted Skirt from Designer Showcase and WTB's Renee Scot Burntrose Top.

Featuring October's 4Seasons FIRST 55L Thursday Item Special Skin
Featuring Bombshie Dominga Gold Belted Skirt from Designer Showcase
Featuring WTB Renee Scot Burntrose Top
1. Truth Gogo
2. MG Swallow Wings
3. SLink Elegant 1 Hands
-- Female Feet High
4. KMADD/Moda Mesh Eyes
5. Le Primitif Leather Cage Sandals
6. Chop Zuey Chromatica
7. Muse Poses

Friday, November 7, 2014

Why Do I Do It? -- Featuring !Lyrical B!zarre Templates!

Your checkbook reflects and reveals your heart. I know it's not a common term these days, the use of the word checkbook, but the concept isn't foreign. Where we spend money reveals a lot about what we think and feel to be important. In the case of Second Life, this really still has credence. It may be pennies on the dollar for the actual cost of something, however, it is real dollars, euros, yen, francs and rubles. How much would your transaction history tell the world about you? Do you invest in accessories for your avi? Pay a monthly fee to belong to a specific group? Donate to charities? Tip a singer, hostess, or dancer? Or perhaps pay for skills such as foreign language classes, photography classes or modeling classes? Each decision reflects a great deal about where our hearts, our impulse and passion find truth. We spend those increments of money because this thing or that matter.
Another way to determine what's of value to someone, probably another easy measurable method, is to calculate where they spend their time. Some people come in to a virtual world to relax after a long day at work, while others work in a virtual world to create money to exist in the world away from it. If you followed someone's timeline, you'd get data of a different sort than financial, but you'd still learn a great deal about that person.I devote a lot of time to 'work' for the fashion world. People ask me from time to time if I get paid for what I do. I do not. I receive the reward of the item of clothing when someone entrusts me with their design as a part of a greater marketing strategy for their thing, whatever that thing is, and I find that because I do what I do and I do it a lot and with great energy and time devoted, it encourages new designers to offer the same trust, and my viewpoint - the name of my blog - Caryn Ashdene's Viewpoint, became a viewpoint that touched a lot of people over time.
I LOVE THIS!! It's why I do it. I love the chance to have a voice, to touch the world, to show a beautiful something, but also to share a bit of me in millions of ways. Text, words, narrated stories, letters, all these things are created to reach and touch the world. I use this medium. Others write comic books or thriller novels. There's a reason. I embrace people like Lyrical Bizarre - Loredana Alexandra - and places like Lyrical B!zarre Templates, this new dress Curl from The Instruments The event, and I embrace to some degree all of the customers or potential first time visitors because I write about her, what she does, what she creates from week to week. It's a conversation to me. I want you to know that the Curl dress shows her creativity, pieces of mesh she makes herself, and that the pieces she makes look and feel worth the investment from one viewpoint, mine. (I took this photo at an old favorite haunt of mine, Toby's Jukebox. It's a blues based club found here:

Featuring !Lyrical B!zarre Templates Curl from The Instruments
Featuring Tobys Juke Joint
1. blackLiquid Nails SLink AE LG Autumn13
2. no. 7 AeroWings Lashes
3. ~ghee AW14 Fog Tights
4. .:[NMD]:. Winter Sassy Boots Winter Blue
5. Chop Zuey White Gold Circle Spike Set
6. SLink Elegant 1 Hands
7. October's 4Seasons Milk Skin Tone Angelina
-- Glamour Lips Ombre Ocean
-- Vixen Shadow Ocean
8. KMADD/Moda Mesh Eyes
9. EMO-tions Aquaria Snow

Thursday, November 6, 2014

Adding Sneak Peek To My Blog -- Featuring Zanze from Sneak Peek and Wicca's Wardrobe from The Instruments

I received my first item from a monthly event that I joined recently. It's called Sneak Peek and offers an array of items from various designers. Each time I add a new event, I update my blog's front page. You'll find the short term events above the Flickr slide show, then each of the monthly events I work with below it.
They're alphabetized now, though in the past, I had items listed on the front page in the order that the designers had hired me. It's way too complicated to keep up with that, especially when I've had periods of times I left a group to deal with my world offline then returned. Yes, alphabetically is easier. Except when I forget whether N or M comes first in the alphabet. :p I'm sharing a link here, for this first time, then will know you have access to the SLurl on my blog, Sneak Peek's blog address on my blog and any other pertinent information.
I'm so glad to work with the incredible team at Zanze with this new project and admire Ms. Fizz Lennie Devina and adore Ms. Zoie Zee - So to kick off the Sneak Peek blogging, this is Elena from Zanze the store, at the November Sneak Peek. I paired the halter dress with Sazzy Pants from Wicca's Wardrobe. You can find them and other new pieces she's created to be worn together as an outfit or separately like I have in this instance. These pants and other Wicca's Wardrobe items are sold currently at The Instruments.

Featuring Zanze Elena Halter Dark from Sneak Peek
Update - This item has moved to the main store
(This landmark is also on my front page but I didn't want to confuse anyone.)
Featuring Wicca's Wardrobe Sazzy Pants from The Instruments
1. !DHS Gold Glitter Striped
2. [B!] B!asta :OAK AND ACORN: Earrings and Bracelet
3. .:JUMO:. Brighton Heels Animal Gold
4. SLink Female Feet High
-- Elegant 1 Hands
5. October 4Seasons Marigold Skin Tone (Laila)
-- Destiny Lips Sunset
6. Nikita Double Density Lashes
7. Truth Freya
8. Corpus Poses

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Looking For Drama -- Featuring /Wasabi Pills/, [dirty little secret], Entice from Designer Showcase and Ro' e Buni' from The Instruments

I nearly squealed out loud to the empty house today when I saw that season 10 of Grey's Anatomy was up on Netflix. There are only a few shows I've binge watched via that connection and I love it when I do. I can be so impatient waiting 25-28 weeks for each episode to air in it's normal time slot, break for holidays, take time off for the March Madness, or whatever. With this Netflix thing, I can gobble up good stuff at my pace, and I love Grey's. I was an avid fan of E.R. but only a few of the first years, and lost interest after a while. I watched House and again, lost interest in it as well. I have returned to watching it intermittently, again thanks to Netflix, but it doesn't have that same emotional tug to me, like Grey's.
After 1 1/2 episodes, however, I had to come back here, and read news, look at emails, check notices, and look for friends to connect with because this emulation of life that comes virtually into my world makes more sense than every emotional tug I ever felt watching a television simulation of life, by like a million jillion. Sometimes people talk about drama, a bad thing, something to avoid, and yet drama, that day to day stuff that makes us laugh or cry or feel some other emotion drives our world. Drama on television inspires us. Drama in our day to day life either feeds us or is a byproduct of human connection. Sometimes things irritate me, like idiots, sometimes things disappoint me, like liars, and sometimes things make me cry, like deception, but the only way to avoid those irritations would be to avoid people. I like the positive energy from connections that make me laugh, make me proud, make me feel something good, and I wouldn't trade any of that away for some mundane quiet world.
I love experiencing the wild romps of a television drama, and well written drama just makes me smile more. But here, in this shared universe, you're so much more interesting, dramatic, fun, crazy, and yes, those negative things too. It's why I do what I do. I have this little process, coming in to work on photos, styling, and other things, but every single time I come in, I'm also checking in with friends, offering hugs, making someone growl with frustration (yes, I'm sure I irritate others at times!). I put together this outfit, from head to toe chock full of new items, from /Wasabi Pills/ latest release Dominique, to Entice's items at Designer Showcase that include the awesome Clueless leggings and Don't Heels, to Roe' e Buni items from The Instruments. I even tapped into a resource I rarely use and found a [dirty little secret] bra in my box of fun. I embrace the work, but it's all just a really good opportunity to touch worlds, designers, other models, old friends, and so many others. I'm going to finish this episode of Grey's now and will see you all again really soon. I couldn't exist without you.

Featuring Entice Clueless Leggings Black Plaid from Designer Showcase
Featuring Entice Don't Heels Silver from Designer Showcase
Featuring Ro' e Buni' Giubby from The Instruments
Featuring [d.l.s.] b&w Polka Dot Bra
Featuring /Wasabi Pills/ Dominique
1. KMADD/Moda Mesh Eyes
2. October's 4Seasons Lily Skin Tone Angelina
3. Nikita Double Density Lashes
4. -{ZOZ}- Black Queen - Silver Polish
5. FuLo Rhinestone Bangles
6. Rockoil Cult Nose/Ear Piercing
7. Venere