Saturday, June 30, 2012

Liv Glam Offers This Terrific Gift!

Polka dots often make me think of the painting "Sunday Afternoon on the Island of La Grande Jetta", a famous piece by Georges Seurat (later came the musical "Sunday in the Park With George."). The painting combines amazing dots of paint with excellent use of shadow and light.

Face Paint, Hair by Truth, Shoes by N-Core, Jewelry by Zuri Jewels

Like the famous painting, Liv Glam's newest release and gift offers points of color, all different polka dots across a black canvas.

Detailed perfectly, it's also similar to the painting with its use of light and shadow, and attention to small details.

Face Paint, Hair by W&Y, Nails by CandiNails, Boots by Bax Coen

The dress itself looks beautiful with any color hair and skin because of the basic black background. Then you receive two accessories that allow you to choose between seasons, summer or fall.

The faux fur bolero works perfectly for fall, so when you come by and get this gift, you're getting a new piece to add to your summer collection but you're ALSO getting one of your first fall items as well.

Whether you choose the summer or fall accessories, heels or suede boots, you're going to fit right into the concept of a beautiful Sunday in the Park, and while you're thinking of amazing art, you'll look amazing in your latest treat from Liv Glam.

Liv Glam - New Release - Colors that POP!

Liv Glam moved to a bigger parcel of land to bring you so much more in the way of great fashion! New SLurl posted on this blog -

She Bop - Colorblock
Face Paint, Hair by Osmose, Jewelry by Artistry by ~E~, Shoes by N-Core, Nails by Sexy Mama

And as they moved, a gorgeous dress with two unique color changeable palettes were released as well!

 She Bop Colorblock
Face Paint, Hair by Osmose, Jewelry by Artistry by ~E~, Nails by Sexy Mama

If you choose the dress option above, you're going to get the cutest short dress with what looks like bows drawing up the hem of the skirt in such a way that it's ruffled above the knee, and shaded perfectly! With the range of colors infinite, you can wear this dress with almost anything almost anywhere.

 She Bop (I)
Face Paint, Hair by Truth, Jewelry by Artistry by ~E~, Shoes by N-Core

And if you choose the dress with textures preset, you still have 12 unique options, from the one shown above that reminds me of fern trees set by the river... 

She Bop (I)
Face Paint, Hair by Truth, Jewelry by Artistry by ~E~

Or you might choose the one that is dark, with what appears to be abstract floral patterns in green and blue. 

The amazing details in this new set of dresses, regardless of the coloring, really show clever craftsmanship. Liv Glam and the creator SamanthaSJones continues to stay ahead of the mesh learning curve, waaaay--->>> ahead!

Fat Tony's - A different sort of review!

Last night, I had the privilege of attending a really enjoyable evening event at Fat Tony's Olive Oil Company.

Big Jay, part of the team that makes Fat Tony's successful, greeted guests at the door with a grunt, a scratch, but very few 'words' that night. He was in themed costume "Gone Tribal". 

The invitations promised tribal dance...

Once the evening program began, there were some really super examples of this, and each dancer had their own look, their own customized dance put together...

Each of the dancers had their own act to share with the crowd. Regardless of the theme, by the way, the dancers at Fat Tony's put together a real treat, non-repetitious, and always crowd interactive. If you let them engage with a tease or a conversation, they'll pause and entertain while you do.

Because they send out invitations ahead of time, and have themes preselected, the crowd who visits has the option of choosing to dress into the theme or just to come hang out and enjoy the show.

As the invitation claimed, after tribal dance, there would be a volcano, and a need to appease the volcano gods...

A sacrifice was offered, and the audience got to see a volcano erupt right before their eyes.

Thankfully, no one was harmed! Hahaha, all in good fun, the team put together a dynamic show, integrated the audience as often as possible, and created a unique performance that you won't see anywhere else in Second Life.

I wonder what they'll think of next. 

Sassebas at 99L Each at Sascha's!

This week, Sascha's brought Sassebras out as a new release, boxed in 6 different looks. 

Face Paint, Hair by Osmose, Jewelry by Finesmith, Shoes by Alice Project

When I looked up the word Sassebas, I found several pages in Dutch (which leads me to believe I might be on to something) about a program for children. All children are equal but not all children are the same.

Face Paint, Hair by elikatira, Jewelry by Artistry by ~E~,Shoes by Alice Project

So there are these six gowns, all named the same, Sassebas, but each unique in its own way, much like the children's program recognizes.

Face Paint, Hair by Truth, Jewelry by Finesmith

All the beauty and fine detail you expect from a gown at Sascha's comes in these 6 designs, and whether you like short or long, full or sleek looks, you can find at least one of the Sassebas collection that suits you.

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Another Week's Black Box, Another Winner by Angel Dessous

Every week, I learn something new in SL, and this past week, I discovered the Black Box deal at Angel Dessous. I was so impressed with it that when Wednesday rolled around again, I had to go see what was in the lucky box this week.

 Face Paint, Hair by Truth, Jewelry by Finesmith

For 69L, you can purchase something worth far more than this small sum, and you never quite know what's going to be inside, so the gamble and risk make it even more fun when you open and realize what's hidden.

Face Paint, Hair by Truth, Jewelry by Finesmith

I could not believe the beauty of this mermaid gown that came in this week's black box. It's sleek lines reminded me of the most elegant wedding gowns.  Layers of lace swirl around the ankles then snugly cling to the curves of the body, and into a sweetheart line at the bodice. Additionally, the animated applique of a dragon fly flutters just under the chin and to the left to enhance the overall effect this gown has. You're sure to be the belle of the ball or turn heads at your wedding and catch that special person's eye that waits for you at the end of the aisle.

55L Thursday at Face Paint!

This week, Face Paint offers a unique package for only 55L. Each pack contains 1 Lanie skin, 3 eyebrow shapes x 4 eyebrow colors = 12 total eyebrows to choose from and a brand new make-up to go with the skin and brow.

Hair by Truth, Jewelry by Finesmith, Gown by Angel Dessous

In the photograph, I'm wearing Lanie Fair with Blonde brow 2 and Lanie make-up. Regardless your hair color, you're going to find a brow that works best for you. You can wear the brow with other 'Clean' skins, wear the make-up layer with any style outfit from casual to chic to glam to avant garde, and choose more than one skin as well because at this price, you can't go wrong!

A New Release from Snowpaws - Seraphin Amethyst Dress

Face Paint, Hair by Vanity Hair, Nails by Purple Moon

This morning I woke to find a new treat from Snowpaws released! I love it when designers add jewelry to their release. I don't have to imagine what would look perfect with their creations because it's already done for me. The Seraphin in Amethyst dress fits that category, well designed and accessorized too to make it easy for me and you - the customer.

Face Paint, Hair by Truth, Nails by Purple Moon

A sleek bodice that stops at the collar bone then has a slim strap to encircle the neck and an asymmetric skirt compose the basic structure of this gown.

Whether you wear it with the full length or the tea length skirt, a flutter of soft fabric flows around you as you walk or dance the nightt away in sumptuous beauty. One leg always peeks out, revealing skin to tempt those in your life who need such tempting! ~winks~

As I move in closer, to really study and appreciate the intricate details, amethyst roses at the neckline over the right shoulder and then more roses at the right hip blossom and add delicious depth.

Stop by Snowpaws today and add this lovely piece to your wardrobe. Don't forget to bring a friend. There are so many treats to entice, mega chances to get lucky with the boards and lucky chairs, free items and so much more!

Sascha's - Gold, Silver and Bronze Newness

With the special deal Sascha runs currently, where you spend 500L and you get a dress free, the gown that's free amazes!

Face Paint, Hair by Babel, Jewelry by Finesmith, Shoes by N-Core

I found myself enthralled by this gown because of it's elegance. Only recently, I researched the name of a dress styled like this, and learned it was called a bandage dress. To echo the magnificent pieces walking the runway for spring and summer styles, this gown truly emulates real world luxury. I could not believe how metallic the material looked. There are thousands of ways of importing what might be a metallic texture into our Second Life, but few really capture the glittery brilliance of metals. This gown does!

Face Paint, Hair by Alice Project, Jewelry by Artisty by ~E~

When she wanted customers to choose a gown, among what seems like thousands!! I walked around the new releases area and oohed and ahhed to myself. How can I choose just one? I finally chose this Waterfall Bronze Special Edition. 

I joked to Sascha that now I was ready for the summer Olympics, with the Avona gown sporting gold and silver so wonderfully well, and this fine Waterfall gown sporting the bronze, I could wear metals and look beeee-oooo-tiful doing so!

Monday, June 25, 2012

Face Paint New Release - 2 New Earthas On Sale

There's a great thing to look forward to on Mondays at Face Paint lately... SALES!

Hair by Alice Project, Jewelry by Finesmith, and Top by Carrie's Lingerie

After spoiling us with an Eartha FREE last week (the gift is still available in the store as of 6/26/2012) that had black lips and the dark sweeping eye, a pair of new Earthas were released today.

Hair by Alice Project, Jewelry by Finesmith, and Top by Carrie's Lingerie

And these were priced at the incredibly low 50L. At this price, you will want to grab both of them. Each set of eyes have been painted similarly but the lips are shaded with different tones.

Take a few minutes and visit Face Paint, snag the free dark Eartha on the shelf behind the pose stands, and be sure to check out the SALE wall and the new releases.

400 Members!! Way to Go Liv Glam - and a Free Gift

One of the things I love best about Second Life occurs when people get really involved in the world we share. I love to see new businesses opening, new ideas created, new things tried, and I love to meet all those new people in progress. After being here for a little more than 8 years, I celebrate all things new. When SL was young, it was easy to come up with something no one had seen before or no one had done as well as... but now competition in every field of interest exists. When a growing business like Liv Glam celebrates mile markers like this 400 members celebration, I rejoice with them!

Face Paint, Hair by Elikatira, Jewelry by Finesmith

A complete look from head to toe comes in this Liv Glam gift. First a floral mesh top loosely drapes over the upper body then a sleek pair of leather-like pants tuck into a pair of mesh boots.

See above, plus shoes by N-core

Paired with heels instead of boots, it looks a bit whimsical. With boots or with heels, this outfit suits for summer into fall.

Take a few minutes, if you haven't visited yet, to support this new business and see what's new and fresh in SL.

Also, Liv Glam hosts a special boutique, The Secret Garden, and has special deals from a myriad of other designers. While you're at Liv Glam, peek into the boutique and see what other newness you might find.

Sunday, June 24, 2012

A Date With Destiny and SNOWPAWS!

What a night to remember!!

The Stage for A Date With Destiny

A fashion show unlike others I've seen showcased Snowpaws and Snowpaws Petites tonight. The crowd was as diverse as any I've seen as well which thrilled me.

Snowpaws Designer Extraordinaire: Carrie Snowpaw

Carrie Snowpaw has been in this business for a rocking long time, earned her stripes so to speak, and reputation for creating stellar garments week after week, year after year, and this celebration of her fine work demonstrated the breadth and depth of her work. There were flexible pieces, sculpted pieces and mesh pieces... There were full sized and miniature pieces... and the array of colors were like a brilliant rainbow across the sky.

Trinity Graves: Show Producer

Trinity Graves, founder of Trinity Graves Productions and owner of Avante Poses, put together this show, from the theatrical set ideas to the unique 'seats' in the palm of giant hands that the audience used, to the minute details that kept the show upbeat, well paced and displayed the talent of well chosen top models from around Second Life.

Callista Ella: A Date With Destiny MC

And speaking of top models, Callista Ella, one of the elite models in the fashion industry, worked as MC to this fantastic evening's unfolding. She had a positive energy that spoke volumes and supported Snowpaws very well.

Honoria Paine

An array of looks appeared on stage over the course of an hour...

Lanna Axel

That showcased some of Snowpaws most popular looks...

Janet Brink

Some items have been worked in such a way that they might be used in the Petite community, and this was true for the show stopper wedding gown at the end of the show. First a very small model showed the miniature version then the full sized version wrapped the show...

Elisabet Lilliehook

From the moment the music began and the Petite dancers on stage were introduced to the last moment when the gorgeous white gown flowed around the model out to center stage, this event was a rip-roaring success.

All things considered, as I often whisper to Carrie Snowpaw when she shares some bit of wonderful Snowpaws news, "Go Team Snowpaws!" I thought it went very very well tonight.

Thank you, models:

Lasch Avro
Olyvia DeCuir
Atlan Heron
Lanna Axel
Xenobia Foxclaw
Anajuliaa Baxton
Sazzy Oh
Diana Balhaus
Elisabet Lilliehook
Leezah Kaddour
Nika Malus
Janet Brink
Spirit Llewellyn
Aradia Mistwood
Lexa Kronfeld
Honoria Paine

Liv Glam New Release (6/24/12) and New Gifts!

Where are you going this summer? Liv Glam released another piece of its 2012 Palm Springs collection - Safari.

Face Paint, Hair by Truth

With an oversized velveteen top, skin tight pants that look like they could be leather, a pair of rough and tumble boots and a belt to pull the ensemble together, you really COULD be going on Safari.

Face Paint, Hair by Truth and Shoes by Alice Project

Like many of Liv Glam's designs, you also get a color change HUD included, so you can change the look dramatically with a touch of color. I also paired the Safari with a pair of simple black heels to change up the style slightly. I truly appreciate the eye for detail. The wrinkles that show are not just tossed onto the mesh but placed in such a way that it gives it life.

Face Paint, Hair by Truth, Shoes by Juicy, Jewelry by Finesmith

While you're in the store getting the Safari new release, pause and look at the new gifts set out for your enjoyment. 

First a vibrant mesh pants with matching tube top makes you look brightly floral, good enough to pluck from the flower patch.

Face Paint, Hair by Truth, Shoes by R2, Nails by CandiNails

Then another pants with tube top, more darkly colored, draws a dramatic eye and rumples at the hips with detail.

Liv Glam spoils with elegant lines, attention to every small line and shadow, and adds to it with color choices on a HUD. Then you find yourself showered with free gifts, and as I always say, "Free is good." The free gifts look as finely crafted as well.

Bring a friend to Liv Glam, or bring someone new to SL, and give them a taste of the best.

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Charltina's Fun and Free... Free is good!

Decisions made by designers to put out free items touch my heart to this day because I know there are countless new faces coming into this game we share called Second Life, people who don't quite know yet how they're going to play, participate and how they're going to dress while they learn.

Face Paint, Hair by Osmosis (I miss them!), Jewelry by 'To be too' and Shoes by Juicy 

The first I tried was the Gift of the Week, this Black Smexy (as she calls it) sweet little mini dress. A slim bodice hugs against the delicate curves of a woman's body and then ruffles fluff around the hips. Textured tights that remind me of leg warmers run from mid-thigh to ankle, and draw the eye to sweep then from head to toe. (wolf whistle) You're going to catch that roving eye and keep it!

Face Paint, Hair by elikatira, Jewelry by Morea Style and Shoes by Juicy

Not every designer attempts to work with men's things but Charltina's had a "Couples" gift with a set for both male and female, leather jacket and leather pants. Leather goes anywhere, but I can't help but imagine my sweetheart and I in this leather set, helmets on, motorcycle engine whirring as we zip across the countryside, taking in the sights and sounds and smells of glorious summer.

Summertime Mesh by Liv Glam

Liv Glam released the prettiest set of halter tops with balloon pants this past week.

Several colors options exist for you to choose what's perfect for you and your summer fun. So I chose Aqua and Sorbet.

Besides the pants and top, each color comes with matching bangles and a wide brimmed floppy beach hat.

As I was taking photos, I was thinking that the colors I chose were lip-smacking delicious and looked like sweet summer sherbet. You're going to have a sexy hot summer with Summertime Mesh by Liv Glam

Rosengarten - 3 prim sofa with shadow and bamboo

Believe it or not, this sofa only takes 3 prims! When I set this out, I was immediately searching for a perfect place for it to stay out and looking to rearrange furniture.

Whatever you're doing, alone or with someone special, you will enjoy this  simple yet elegant sofa!

The animations range from sweet to slightly naughty, and serve a range of ideas for your Second Life. For those of you who really enjoy a touch of realism with your playtime, you'll find the shadow prim set below the sofa adds just a smidge and makes it even better.

At Rosengarten, you will find a little bit of green, wildlife, furniture, and so much more to enhance the world you create here in Second Life.

Delphine by Morea Style

Don't you just love when you go into a classy designer's store and there are new treats in the Mania boards?

This gorgeous brown and teal mini arrived, and I was thrilled that the numbers were met so that it could be delivered!

Face Paint, Hair by elikatira, Shoes by Juicy, Nails by CandiNails

I can wear it with or without the flexi bodice, and it's one of those perfect colors that will move well from summer into fall, so I'll get a long period of use time before it retires in my wardrobe.

Morea Style hosts their 5 year anniversary this month, with specials, hunts, and loads of fun. It's a great time to drop by, tap the Mania boards, hunt for special attire only available during this celebration and soak up all that makes Morea Style successful at 5 years, and still going.