Friday, June 1, 2012

Carrie's Limited Eve + a New Treat

One of the most amazing things about Carrie's lingerie happens at the very beginning of every month.

Something as simple as a basic bra and panty, like you'd find at most lingerie stores, becomes so much more!

It becomes even more than a beautiful corset as well!

Well crafted lingerie becomes dynamic. The Limited pieces come from favorite releases of times past. Each month, there is something new, and once the month passes, the special deal is gone forever. 

Not every style suits every body, but every month brings something spectacular. When Eve returned as a Limited, I knew I would adore it, and I do. Eve remains one of my favorite Carrie's designs, but with limited Eve, it's even better!


Not only does Carrie put together special new items for the Limited, she also puts out special gifts available only to those guests who choose to opt in for a VIP membership.

A one time fee buys membership, and within that first month, you have already received a gift that's close to the equivalent of the cost of the membership. 

This month, when I went to see the VIP gift of the month, I was so excited to see a beautiful two piece set. It could work easily as lingerie OR you could toss it on and go to a swim event with friends.

Every month, there's something special at Carrie's! And to me, being a VIP pays for itself almost instantly and then just keeps on giving.

Make-up by Face Paint
Hair by Elikatira
Boots by Bax Boots
Nails by CandiNails

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