Saturday, June 30, 2012

Sassebas at 99L Each at Sascha's!

This week, Sascha's brought Sassebras out as a new release, boxed in 6 different looks. 

Face Paint, Hair by Osmose, Jewelry by Finesmith, Shoes by Alice Project

When I looked up the word Sassebas, I found several pages in Dutch (which leads me to believe I might be on to something) about a program for children. All children are equal but not all children are the same.

Face Paint, Hair by elikatira, Jewelry by Artistry by ~E~,Shoes by Alice Project

So there are these six gowns, all named the same, Sassebas, but each unique in its own way, much like the children's program recognizes.

Face Paint, Hair by Truth, Jewelry by Finesmith

All the beauty and fine detail you expect from a gown at Sascha's comes in these 6 designs, and whether you like short or long, full or sleek looks, you can find at least one of the Sassebas collection that suits you.

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  1. Lol, Sassebas is actually my pet name for my daughter! :-)