Monday, June 11, 2012

Sascha's Killer Deals

This perfect true blue gown offers something simple yet elegant. The sculpted gown has waves of fluctuation from the back with flexi trim added. Whether you're dining on a fancy train in the 1930s or dancing the night away, this little number will suit your occasion.

Though I truly love Sascha's gowns, and she's absolutely famous for their creativity and stylishness, I adore Sascha's casual wear. This pink pant suit looked as though it were named "Caryn" because it was so suited for me and my coloring and my interests. Thank you Sascha!

With or without the sweater, the outfit is adorable. You can jazz it up with different jewelry, or keep it simple and regal. 

For 60L each, these deals are excellent and beautiful examples of the work Sascha puts into SL week after week.

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