Saturday, June 9, 2012

Snowpaws New Release and News

Out here in my neck of the woods, it's hot and getting hotter. All around the world, you're each experiencing something a little different. However, when we all come together in Second Life, we get to taste a little bit of shared fantasy, and at Snowpaws right now, that means summer deals and pretty frocks for every occasion.

I had so much fun shopping for the petite craze that has swept SL because one of my favorite designers - Carrie Snowpaw of course!! - has been making all new treats for miniature avis and I couldn't model one for her! So this is me wearing Petite Fiore - Thistle Body Suit. In coming weeks, I cannot wait to try the new items that come from Snowpaws Petite!

Snowpaws offers a new release, Folleto Peacock, for both the full size avi and the petite. It has hand drawn feathers and tidbits of thistle to accent the fae inspired look. This sweet little number comes in Flame (shown above), Moss and Mist, for both the Snowpaws and Snowpaws Petite release.

**From the desk of Carrie Snowpaw: 
Snowpaws is doing a membership drive! Our combined total members from the subscriber group and the sl group is 7.697! Lets get that to 10,000!! When we do, look out! Freebies, sales, and balloons! I can't wait!

  1. 60L Weekend - Kita Bodysuit: Ochre

    and - Petite Amelit Mini dress: bittersweet

  2. Steals and Deals - Kina Maxi Dress: Winter Garden

  3. Simply the Best - Simeone Cirrus Dress

  4. Models and Fashionistas - Y-Duck - Last list! - Petite Fiore: Scilla Bodysuit and Flowers

    and - Halo Frock: Neon

  5. Designer Showcase - Lisse Mesh Evening Gown Malachite

Carrie Snowpaw will be on vacation this week but she will continue to answer questions.

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