Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Face Paint New Release + Purple Moon Anniversary Wow!

I couldn't pass up the opportunity to check out Purple Moon's amazing Anniversary deals. From stunning gowns to the most classy casuals, there's a little something for everyone. And despite some of the various reactions of dislike or distaste for mesh, Poulet Koenkamp hasn't shied away from creating some of the best mesh available on SL!

My first fall item ended up being from Purple Moon! This breathtaking mini has perfect details, and the feathers around the face and sleeves truly seem to tickle. Greta Wool Dress in red caught my eye immediately, along with a few hundred other tidbits. And since I'm on a very limited budget, it was a treat to find this item marked at a steal of a price. Thank you, Purple Moon!

Face Paint releases a brand new Smoke Series for 55L Thursday and it was a must to enhance this ensemble from Purple Moon.

Another look at the Face Paint Smoke series joins with this stellar gown from Purple Moon, and would you believe it if I told you, "This gown is free!"? It was free, and has some of the prettiest rose embellishments ever. I'm a rose fanatic, and a blue rose eloquently adds to the royal beauty of the gown.

Take a look at the detail offered in this full body shot. Roses trail down the front of the body, and wafts of silk hang decoratively from golden armlets. You may find yourself breathless, or you may find everyone in your company breathless when you wear this gown to your next party.

Besides Purple Moon and Face Paint--
Hair 1 - !lamb, Hair 2 - elikatira (my signature style!)
Jewelry - Finesmith Lacie
Shoes - NCore

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