Sunday, June 24, 2012

Liv Glam New Release (6/24/12) and New Gifts!

Where are you going this summer? Liv Glam released another piece of its 2012 Palm Springs collection - Safari.

Face Paint, Hair by Truth

With an oversized velveteen top, skin tight pants that look like they could be leather, a pair of rough and tumble boots and a belt to pull the ensemble together, you really COULD be going on Safari.

Face Paint, Hair by Truth and Shoes by Alice Project

Like many of Liv Glam's designs, you also get a color change HUD included, so you can change the look dramatically with a touch of color. I also paired the Safari with a pair of simple black heels to change up the style slightly. I truly appreciate the eye for detail. The wrinkles that show are not just tossed onto the mesh but placed in such a way that it gives it life.

Face Paint, Hair by Truth, Shoes by Juicy, Jewelry by Finesmith

While you're in the store getting the Safari new release, pause and look at the new gifts set out for your enjoyment. 

First a vibrant mesh pants with matching tube top makes you look brightly floral, good enough to pluck from the flower patch.

Face Paint, Hair by Truth, Shoes by R2, Nails by CandiNails

Then another pants with tube top, more darkly colored, draws a dramatic eye and rumples at the hips with detail.

Liv Glam spoils with elegant lines, attention to every small line and shadow, and adds to it with color choices on a HUD. Then you find yourself showered with free gifts, and as I always say, "Free is good." The free gifts look as finely crafted as well.

Bring a friend to Liv Glam, or bring someone new to SL, and give them a taste of the best.

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