Friday, June 22, 2012

Liv Glam New Releases (6/22/2012)

First, I want to share that it's a tremendous gift when a designer chooses to add me to their blogging team. I consider carefully, then make a decision. Once I have, I pour everything I have into each outfit or item a designer shares with me. Liv Glam and SamanthaSJones, thank you!

Face Paint, Hair by elikatira, Jewelry by Elemental, Bandeau top by Kastle Rock, Nails by CandiNails, and shoes by N-Core

What a day it was to begin with Liv Glam as  well. I received this pair of pants, Patiala's and had to look up the word. I love the cultural diversity of Second Life and learning new things regularly.

These pants reminded me of the beautiful Jeanie on the television show of the 60s and 70s in the US - I dream of Jeanie - and sure enough the origin of the word Patiala comes from the same part of the world as the story of the genies that inhabit lamps and grant us wishes. 

Liv Glam grants the wish that mesh would fit well, be stylish, fun and flirty, and oh so easy to wear. And then they grant the wish that you could tint the mesh so that you didn't have to buy 3 or 6 copies of something in order to have more than one color. And for the third wish, this pair of pants comes at a price that makes it a dream of a purchase!

After finding all of my wishes came true with the first treat of the day, I opened the next and was delighted to find the most elegant of business suits. 

One thing that may seem odd, considering how hard we work in our world off line to get rid of them, is how much I find that I like wrinkles! In the photo above, with the monochrome green suit, and then again in the photo below with the two tones chosen, you can distinctly see the wrinkles. These details give that third dimension that comes with more skill and patience in the design process, something that Liv Glam adds very well. It makes the suit feel and look more believable.

Face Paint, Hair by Truth, Shoes by Juicy, Jewelry by Crystalline

With the color HUD, again I was not limited to one color choice with this wonderful suit. I played with the HUD for a few minutes and realized that if I took the jacket layer off and used the HUD to tint the skirt, and then reversed so the skirt layer was off and the jacket layer was tinted, when I wore them together, I would have two tones for my suit, and could add even more diversity to the choice that this beautiful suit presents.

There are many designers who have begun to work with mesh. I find that Liv Glam works with mesh easily. Every piece fits well, is rigged well, is textured extremely well, and makes me a believer in mesh and all the possibilities on the horizon with relationship to this new addition to our Second Life.

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