Saturday, June 16, 2012

Cobble Rose: BBH2

Cobble Rose shares a corner of the larger store "Grumble" and the creator has styled some fantastic pieces with a florists flair in this sweet spot of Second Life.

There is a great deal going on in this little bowl. Besides a small green plant, which has been proven to be healthy for us even if it's a 3d virtual world because our minds reference real plants for us without us even trying! there is also a pretty little sailboat, a lighthouse, and moving water. This would make a great gift for any house warming or really any occasion. Find it at Cobble Rose, and it's a great gift for YOU.

Oh the life! To lay by the ocean as it laps at your toes, to frolic through the day and long into the night surf, then find your favorite log on the beach... This pretty log has been styled with a few beach critters and some lovely yellow flowers. It's whimsical air works wonderfully with the beach fantasy. And all of us need a little beach fantasy!

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