Friday, June 22, 2012

Weekend News from Snowpaws (6/22/2012)

This week, Snowpaws brings you one of my new favorites, the Enca Lace Day Dress.

A beautiful mesh pencil skirt with lace edging makes up the bottom half of this dress that is perfect for all your SL-outings. Up top, more mesh pieces are an option, at the bodice with ruffles, and more lace ruffles on each shoulder plus a pretty floral accent at the throat add that perfect 3d element.

Face Paint, Hair by Osmose, Shoes by N-Core and Nails by CandiNails

If you want to dial down the pizzazz, you can remove the mesh extras. You still get the details that make this dress and all of Snowpaws clothing excellent. 

A rich blue matches the sea or sky, and gives an air of royal dazzle. And YOU will dazzle your friends and loved ones when you're out in Enca, available in the color seen above - Evening, Night, Coco and Raspberry.

Enca Lace Day Dress Raspberry

Sales this week:

  1. 60L Weekend - Araigne Lace Gown in Ivory

 & Petite Kaleidescope Outfit in Stormy Sunset

  2. Steals and Deals - Carousel Dress in Amber

  3. Designer Showcase - Lisse Mesh Evening Gown in Malachite

Don't forget that Snowpaws is in an eager to complete membership drive, with promises of great sales, fun and maybe cake and balloons. Be a part of making this happen by bringing new friends and old alike to the store, and let them in on the wonderful not-so-secret world of Snowpaws and Snowpaws Petites.

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