Sunday, June 24, 2012

A Date With Destiny and SNOWPAWS!

What a night to remember!!

The Stage for A Date With Destiny

A fashion show unlike others I've seen showcased Snowpaws and Snowpaws Petites tonight. The crowd was as diverse as any I've seen as well which thrilled me.

Snowpaws Designer Extraordinaire: Carrie Snowpaw

Carrie Snowpaw has been in this business for a rocking long time, earned her stripes so to speak, and reputation for creating stellar garments week after week, year after year, and this celebration of her fine work demonstrated the breadth and depth of her work. There were flexible pieces, sculpted pieces and mesh pieces... There were full sized and miniature pieces... and the array of colors were like a brilliant rainbow across the sky.

Trinity Graves: Show Producer

Trinity Graves, founder of Trinity Graves Productions and owner of Avante Poses, put together this show, from the theatrical set ideas to the unique 'seats' in the palm of giant hands that the audience used, to the minute details that kept the show upbeat, well paced and displayed the talent of well chosen top models from around Second Life.

Callista Ella: A Date With Destiny MC

And speaking of top models, Callista Ella, one of the elite models in the fashion industry, worked as MC to this fantastic evening's unfolding. She had a positive energy that spoke volumes and supported Snowpaws very well.

Honoria Paine

An array of looks appeared on stage over the course of an hour...

Lanna Axel

That showcased some of Snowpaws most popular looks...

Janet Brink

Some items have been worked in such a way that they might be used in the Petite community, and this was true for the show stopper wedding gown at the end of the show. First a very small model showed the miniature version then the full sized version wrapped the show...

Elisabet Lilliehook

From the moment the music began and the Petite dancers on stage were introduced to the last moment when the gorgeous white gown flowed around the model out to center stage, this event was a rip-roaring success.

All things considered, as I often whisper to Carrie Snowpaw when she shares some bit of wonderful Snowpaws news, "Go Team Snowpaws!" I thought it went very very well tonight.

Thank you, models:

Lasch Avro
Olyvia DeCuir
Atlan Heron
Lanna Axel
Xenobia Foxclaw
Anajuliaa Baxton
Sazzy Oh
Diana Balhaus
Elisabet Lilliehook
Leezah Kaddour
Nika Malus
Janet Brink
Spirit Llewellyn
Aradia Mistwood
Lexa Kronfeld
Honoria Paine

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