Saturday, June 30, 2012

Fat Tony's - A different sort of review!

Last night, I had the privilege of attending a really enjoyable evening event at Fat Tony's Olive Oil Company.

Big Jay, part of the team that makes Fat Tony's successful, greeted guests at the door with a grunt, a scratch, but very few 'words' that night. He was in themed costume "Gone Tribal". 

The invitations promised tribal dance...

Once the evening program began, there were some really super examples of this, and each dancer had their own look, their own customized dance put together...

Each of the dancers had their own act to share with the crowd. Regardless of the theme, by the way, the dancers at Fat Tony's put together a real treat, non-repetitious, and always crowd interactive. If you let them engage with a tease or a conversation, they'll pause and entertain while you do.

Because they send out invitations ahead of time, and have themes preselected, the crowd who visits has the option of choosing to dress into the theme or just to come hang out and enjoy the show.

As the invitation claimed, after tribal dance, there would be a volcano, and a need to appease the volcano gods...

A sacrifice was offered, and the audience got to see a volcano erupt right before their eyes.

Thankfully, no one was harmed! Hahaha, all in good fun, the team put together a dynamic show, integrated the audience as often as possible, and created a unique performance that you won't see anywhere else in Second Life.

I wonder what they'll think of next. 

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