Thursday, June 14, 2012

A Delightful Treat at Angel Dessous

I love discovering new places to visit and shop in SL. Sometimes they're actually new and sometimes they're just new to me. Today, I visited Angel Dessous for the first time after reading about their 'black box' Wednesday deal. Who doesn't like a gamble? The skin in the following two photos came in the black box. When I put the skin on, I was shocked at how refined it looked. 69L!? Yes, this was the black box item.

This decadent little number came as a gift! With the prim cover up, which doesn't cover much at all...

Or without, it's hot hot hot. You're sure to drive your special someone ravenously crazy.

Angel Dessous Skin Black Box 53
Angel Dessous Lingerie Michelle (group gift)
Face Paint Smoke (new release)
Alice Project - Kiera: Hair
Bax Boots - Black Leather: Shoes

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