Thursday, June 14, 2012

K&B - Katitudes and Boneisms: BBH2

This clever little device reminds me of similarly named first life gadgets we all know and love. Called a Kpod Walker, you can see from the photo how similar it is.

They make the Kpod Walker in a Standard Edition and a Personal Edition, and they also offer custom designs for you or for you to order for a friend.

Once you own the Kpod Walker, you can purchase music that travels with you regardless where you go just like those first life walkers. Along with the music, you get a specialty gesture to run if you like.

K&B: Personal Edition Kpod Walker
Hair: Elikatira Abbey
Face Paint: Smoke Storm
Sascha's: Alyson Casual
Nails: Candi Nails

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