Thursday, May 31, 2012

Face Paint and Sascha's: Beauty Unparalleled

Sometimes I'm sure I'm the most fortunate of women in all of Second Life. I have the best of friends, a partner who has been consistent and fun and fair, and the most amazing designers and creative minds to give me the privilege of working in their world!

Face Paint
Sascha's Gown: Widow Red & Black
N-Core Shoes
Candi Nails
Elikatira Hair

New at Snowpaws!

Something classy literally always exists in Snowpaws new inventory. This week, on the heels of the grand opening of the new Petite Snowpaws, more petite items have been released. Additionally, at the main store, a brand new mesh Avante Garde gown has been released in several stunning colors.

First, the little dress for petites makes you feel like an angel. If you're one of those who wears a petite avi, you're going to want to begin adding Snowpaws to your inventory! This little mini comes to you in two colors - Obsidian and Bittersweet. It's too cute for words, and definitely a must!

This stunning gown comes in several colors: Opalesque, Deep Violet, Black Rose and Tulip. *Tulip is available exclusively at the BOSL Snowpaws store.

An asymmetric line at the throat draws the eye and the 'petals' coming off the shoulders are expansive and add a flourish that makes this sleeve of a gown perfectly elegant, and high end. 

Whether you're going to a special event or just love to look your Snowpaws best, this look will be a must for your wardrobe.

*For the last two photos:
Make-up: Face Paint
Nails: Noya
Shoes: Alice Project
Earrings: .:CENSORED:.

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Snowpaws Petite Grande Opening

On the heels of Snowpaws most recent release of petite clothing for the new wave of mesh avis, Snowpaws has opened a new location just for petites!

Come visit today, and see new designs, and embrace your tiny side with Snowpaws petites.

Snowpaws NEW Location for Petites

There are many outfits already for sale and several of them are brand new. 

1. New Petite Ariel Outfit: Twilight (blue) and Sunstreak (pink/red)
2. New Petite Auverse Mini Dress
3. New Petite Soleil Dress: Jet and Scarlet
4. New Petite Frilly Girly Blouse and Jeans

5. Faru Fantasy Outfit: Green and Pink
6. Carousel Outfit: Opal and Garnet
7. Kaleidescope: Pink and Blue
8. Watercolor Tea Dress: Black and Pink
9. Cutout Tunic Dress: Jet, Coco and Russet
10. Fiore: Cherry Blossom, Scilla, and Thistle

More coming soon! Watch this space.

Vanessa ONLY at Skin Showcase

Vanessa for sale for the first time and only at Skin Showcase! This past fortnight, five new skins were released with a promise of an exclusive skin to be released with the arrival of the skin fair. Now that skin is available at the Skin Showcase through June 5.

News on Second Life and new items for sale in stores never stay static! This week's focus on the skins at Skin Showcase offer a culmination of many weeks of work by Eve Express. When everything was set and ready to go on Friday, she began work on new looks for Face Paint!

One of the things that appears every few months, just enough to add beauty to your inventory but not to weigh it down, Body Art. You might recall Spring Pop some few months ago. Now there are Butterflies in the Rain, on the way from the art easel and Eve's creative genius.

Several versions will be made available, suitable for all types of sims, from PG wear that includes a swimsuit as part of the layer, to a gorgeous art piece that works purely as an exotic summer full body tattoo, more suited to an Adult Sim, you might wear all by itself to entertain your special loved one.

In the photos, I'm wearing Vanessa Skin, Butterflies in the Rain Body Art which includes a simple royal blue swimsuit in the PG layer, the Blue Gem Eyes and Pumpkin Glitter Lips.

Additionally, I have to thank: Magika for the Mesh hair for the first two photos and Truth Hair for the updo in the second two photos, Halle Tennis Shoes, Candi-Nails -Resort Sunset, Poetic Eyes - Quicksilver, and a custom shape.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Morea Style: Ready for Summer in Sun Rose Green

The day was warm, the water cool as a kiss, and she pulled the new suit from it's tissue wrapped package. The green floral print had caught her eye, perfect to accent the early hints of a tan a futile effort to change freckle splotched skin to the divine glow of a goddess of time long past.

Sun soaked, thirsty and ready to enjoy the sand and company of friends, she shook out the tousled mess of blonde hair. A slim wrap slid easily against the swell of hips, and covered the decorated bandeau bottom with swirling repetition of that same great floral print.

Later, with the graceful ease of well made clothing and a woman used to frolicking in sun and surf, she grasped the hem of the wrap and pulled it up just below the breastbone. A pair of simple sandals would work by the beach or up on the boardwalk.

Later that evening, when it was time to go dancing, she tucked her locks up high overhead, pulled a bit of jewelry from a bag and added a touch of rose scent. It was a signature scent, and completed the evening look that had been included in the Sun Rose set. The empire waist tunic dress looked similar to the suit itself paired with the wrap. It all looked effortless, in its own seamless beauty, and made her feel like the night might last forever.

A truly great day had passed. The sun, the surf, the dancing, all shared with friends, had been enhanced by the beautiful purchase of a multi-faceted outfit designed for such a tremendous day at the beach!

Make-up: Face Paint (New Release, Double Shot Monday), Hair: Truth, Shoes: N-Core, Added Jewelry: D&D Fine Jewelry, Prim Nails: CandiNails

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Mallaury Rose at Morea Style - Tres Jolie!

Life is in the details, or so the saying goes, and this is never more .true then when you try on a Morea Style outfit. Whether you love the casual pieces or the extremely formal, you're going to get options in prims and pieces that help you style to the nth degree

On Mother's Day, Moren Style released a sweet gift of jewelry that included rose tinted earrings and a bangle bracelet with the same tint. I paired that jewelry with Mallaury Rose. It was a perfect fit!

Ruffles flutter around the upper bodice, but then a sleek abdomen remains uncovered, cool and comfortable for spring! Again more layers snugly hug around the hips but only a short distance down the calf, before hanging loosely. A slimming belt also fits round the abdomen with a bow at the left hip to draw the eye.

Hair: 1)Osmose, 2) Vanity Hair, Jewelry: (apart from Morea's own) Finesmith, Shoes: N-Core

Cassiopeia at Snowpaws - New Release

Cassiopeia came to Sascha's for a limited showing on Mother's Day as a special opportunity, and returns now as a new release for you in 7 fabulous colors!

There are several options for different unique long gowns. In the photos, I've chosen Lavender and Magenta, but you choose whatever makes you feel most beautiful!

The Lavender shows one skirt, the Grande Flexi... a swirling swathe of many layers of cloth that skitter around you as you walk or dance the night away... and the Magenta shows the Fluffer Skirt, which when worn moves in a slower path of sensual sway. Either choice or any of the others included will bring out the best features of YOU and Sascha's! Try one of seven colors today!

Hair: Truth Hair, Make-up: Face Paint, Jewelry: Crystalline and Jewelry by Jake

Saturday, May 19, 2012

SNOWPAWS Lisse Mesh Evening Gown - Malachite

This radiant gown comes fresh off the design board from Carrie, with a mesh and prim combination that's just regal once worn.

A mesh full length slit gown is the base gown, seen here in Malachite. It's the perfect sexy dress for any occasion from dining to dancing the night away with your very best someone.

The front sports a bow just between the upper swell of the breasts, and then another bow has been provided as a choice, to rest just at the very small of your back above the tailbone. Also, you have the choice of a ruffled feather skirt at the ankles for a bit of fluffy fun while flirting on the dance floor.

Worn without the prim extras, this simple tube dress with a slit just perfectly suited to show skin without overdoing, you look equally as stunning in an understated way. As with all of Snowpaws designs, the options of prims or not gives you the power to change the gown to suit your own personal taste, or have a few options that make it a great investment!

The sweetheart bodice lays along the curves of the body and then a nip at the waist makes you look tall and sleek. And as you spin in that gorgeous gown, you reveal the sweeping depth of a drop down just above the sensual sway of your hips. It doesn't matter how you choose to mix and match the prims that accompany this dress, you'll feel like a bright shining jewel and look like one too.

Thursday, May 17, 2012

No Regrets... Except Sascha's Regret in Teal @ 199L!

So much beauty!

Every time I walk into Sascha's I feel like I'm walking into a spring filled copse of posies. Colors everywhere, as far as the eye can see, and it makes me want to explore every nook and cranny.

Today I got the Regret in teal. I found it replete with many options as always for skirt choices and went with one of the two short skirts. This one reminds me of salsa.

A prim collar and sleeves put a touch of polish at the hems, and the unique keyhole cut just above the breasts draws the eye in a perfect classy way. The detailed slit that drops above the navel reveals even more skin and oh lah lah!

There are several colors and two of them are still on sale! How can you not want one?

Hair: Osmose, Make-up: Face Paint, Jewelry: Finesmith, Shoes: R2

Morea Style - 149L Special on Oriane - Oh Tres Magnifique!

Supple movement catches the eye, the perfect sway of the hips, the gentle or saucy step of your always so tiny size 0 feet... hehehe

This first take on the combination of items given when you choose the Oriane shows all of the prim options. Two layers of skirt billow, one more transparent then the second. A neck piece shimmers with appliqued roses, and the roses repeat themselves on the outfit at the chest. A slim bit of ribbon hangs elegantly down the back from the collar, enunciating the beautiful bare back in that magical way Morea Style offers.

With a different pair of shoes, different skin tone, and hair styled differently, you have the ability to change this dress dramatically. Besides the basic changes to the avi and the accessories, I wore only the transparent skirt in this photo, and took the neck piece off completely. It's a little less formal, yet still beautiful!

Hair: 1)Vanity Hair, 2) Alice Project - Make-up and Skin by Face Paint - Shoes: 1) Alice Project, 2) Jacqueline Fashion Mall

Face Paint at the Skin Showcase May 25 - June 10

The first thing I thought when I saw the new skins and shapes created for the Skin Showcase - WOW. I've seen Eve do skins in the past but I had never seen anything so glamorous.

The skin shown here appears in the 55L sneak peek this week, and will be part of a package of skin + shape + 1 make-up at the Showcase.

The waif-like facial features made me think immediately of the world of fantasy, so I took this photo, wings and all, and love it! I hope you do also.

Blonde or brunette, the skin and paint work well to enhance an overall look. 

Also, look at the precious new mesh hair examples worn. It's one of SL's best kept little secrets, or I was the last to discover it. I got the hair from the Alice Project.

Hair: The Alice Project. Make-up AND skin: Face Paint, Jewelry, FINESMITH, Shoes: Libertine

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Mimosas Anyone?

In the southern US, mimosas are a summer treat, a truly decadent treat. You take one cup of natural fresh squeezed Orange Juice, and add a glass of your favorite champagne. Voila, a drink to make angels sing!

I delight in the skirt options for all of Sascha's designs, but this empire waistline that's seen above truly has a sweet effect, a spring innocence that resonates in the colors and swirl of skirt hanging from just below the chest down below the knees.

Another choice of skirt gives the mermaid skirt effect, seen in the above photo. If you like the slender hips and flair of skirt around the lower legs and ankle, this option will be perfect for you! And I happen to think this confection of a gown lives up to its name. It truly is a treat to make angels sing!

Can you believe the hair is FREE from Vanity Hair this month? Such an angel, Tabata Jewel...
Necklace and Earrings from FINESMITH
Make-up comes from the ever talented Eve Express - Face Paint
Shoes are Narcodix, and another store with prices to die for..!

Where Did it Go?

Good morning,

After making a decision to change the course of my online time and my focus away from the modeling world, in so far as modeling school that lead towards modeling in runway shows, and other things that were never my goals, I archived the past. I have all of my photos. I may repost some of them as a history file or a page separate from the blog.

Ancients in many civilizations marked turning points in their personal history with great thought, great change, and new zeal. I have poured great thought into this decision, shift in a way that will bring great change to my life, and approach it as always with a zeal for life, as life is too short to live any other way.