Sunday, May 20, 2012

Cassiopeia at Snowpaws - New Release

Cassiopeia came to Sascha's for a limited showing on Mother's Day as a special opportunity, and returns now as a new release for you in 7 fabulous colors!

There are several options for different unique long gowns. In the photos, I've chosen Lavender and Magenta, but you choose whatever makes you feel most beautiful!

The Lavender shows one skirt, the Grande Flexi... a swirling swathe of many layers of cloth that skitter around you as you walk or dance the night away... and the Magenta shows the Fluffer Skirt, which when worn moves in a slower path of sensual sway. Either choice or any of the others included will bring out the best features of YOU and Sascha's! Try one of seven colors today!

Hair: Truth Hair, Make-up: Face Paint, Jewelry: Crystalline and Jewelry by Jake

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