Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Morea Style: Ready for Summer in Sun Rose Green

The day was warm, the water cool as a kiss, and she pulled the new suit from it's tissue wrapped package. The green floral print had caught her eye, perfect to accent the early hints of a tan a futile effort to change freckle splotched skin to the divine glow of a goddess of time long past.

Sun soaked, thirsty and ready to enjoy the sand and company of friends, she shook out the tousled mess of blonde hair. A slim wrap slid easily against the swell of hips, and covered the decorated bandeau bottom with swirling repetition of that same great floral print.

Later, with the graceful ease of well made clothing and a woman used to frolicking in sun and surf, she grasped the hem of the wrap and pulled it up just below the breastbone. A pair of simple sandals would work by the beach or up on the boardwalk.

Later that evening, when it was time to go dancing, she tucked her locks up high overhead, pulled a bit of jewelry from a bag and added a touch of rose scent. It was a signature scent, and completed the evening look that had been included in the Sun Rose set. The empire waist tunic dress looked similar to the suit itself paired with the wrap. It all looked effortless, in its own seamless beauty, and made her feel like the night might last forever.

A truly great day had passed. The sun, the surf, the dancing, all shared with friends, had been enhanced by the beautiful purchase of a multi-faceted outfit designed for such a tremendous day at the beach!

Make-up: Face Paint (New Release, Double Shot Monday), Hair: Truth, Shoes: N-Core, Added Jewelry: D&D Fine Jewelry, Prim Nails: CandiNails

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