Sunday, May 27, 2012

Vanessa ONLY at Skin Showcase

Vanessa for sale for the first time and only at Skin Showcase! This past fortnight, five new skins were released with a promise of an exclusive skin to be released with the arrival of the skin fair. Now that skin is available at the Skin Showcase through June 5.

News on Second Life and new items for sale in stores never stay static! This week's focus on the skins at Skin Showcase offer a culmination of many weeks of work by Eve Express. When everything was set and ready to go on Friday, she began work on new looks for Face Paint!

One of the things that appears every few months, just enough to add beauty to your inventory but not to weigh it down, Body Art. You might recall Spring Pop some few months ago. Now there are Butterflies in the Rain, on the way from the art easel and Eve's creative genius.

Several versions will be made available, suitable for all types of sims, from PG wear that includes a swimsuit as part of the layer, to a gorgeous art piece that works purely as an exotic summer full body tattoo, more suited to an Adult Sim, you might wear all by itself to entertain your special loved one.

In the photos, I'm wearing Vanessa Skin, Butterflies in the Rain Body Art which includes a simple royal blue swimsuit in the PG layer, the Blue Gem Eyes and Pumpkin Glitter Lips.

Additionally, I have to thank: Magika for the Mesh hair for the first two photos and Truth Hair for the updo in the second two photos, Halle Tennis Shoes, Candi-Nails -Resort Sunset, Poetic Eyes - Quicksilver, and a custom shape.

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