Thursday, May 17, 2012

Face Paint at the Skin Showcase May 25 - June 10

The first thing I thought when I saw the new skins and shapes created for the Skin Showcase - WOW. I've seen Eve do skins in the past but I had never seen anything so glamorous.

The skin shown here appears in the 55L sneak peek this week, and will be part of a package of skin + shape + 1 make-up at the Showcase.

The waif-like facial features made me think immediately of the world of fantasy, so I took this photo, wings and all, and love it! I hope you do also.

Blonde or brunette, the skin and paint work well to enhance an overall look. 

Also, look at the precious new mesh hair examples worn. It's one of SL's best kept little secrets, or I was the last to discover it. I got the hair from the Alice Project.

Hair: The Alice Project. Make-up AND skin: Face Paint, Jewelry, FINESMITH, Shoes: Libertine

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