Saturday, May 19, 2012

SNOWPAWS Lisse Mesh Evening Gown - Malachite

This radiant gown comes fresh off the design board from Carrie, with a mesh and prim combination that's just regal once worn.

A mesh full length slit gown is the base gown, seen here in Malachite. It's the perfect sexy dress for any occasion from dining to dancing the night away with your very best someone.

The front sports a bow just between the upper swell of the breasts, and then another bow has been provided as a choice, to rest just at the very small of your back above the tailbone. Also, you have the choice of a ruffled feather skirt at the ankles for a bit of fluffy fun while flirting on the dance floor.

Worn without the prim extras, this simple tube dress with a slit just perfectly suited to show skin without overdoing, you look equally as stunning in an understated way. As with all of Snowpaws designs, the options of prims or not gives you the power to change the gown to suit your own personal taste, or have a few options that make it a great investment!

The sweetheart bodice lays along the curves of the body and then a nip at the waist makes you look tall and sleek. And as you spin in that gorgeous gown, you reveal the sweeping depth of a drop down just above the sensual sway of your hips. It doesn't matter how you choose to mix and match the prims that accompany this dress, you'll feel like a bright shining jewel and look like one too.

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