Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Face Paint News...

You may have noticed that Face Paint looked very different these last few days. That's because change is coming, and it's going to be terrific!

On Friday, August 3rd, Face Paint reopens with an entirely new look, new make-up like the one pictured above (from the new Marie series, Marie Smoke), and so much more.

Face Paint
Hair by [elikatira]
Jewelry by Artistry by ~E~
Gown/Jacket by Liv-Glam

Liv-Glam Secret Wednesday Deals - Wow!

At rare times, I find myself speechless. I've been watching the mesh products develop in our Second Life with interest and at times amazement. About 90% of Liv-Glam's products have at least a portion of the outfit made of mesh and each new item looks more stunning and more refined than the last.

This week, that's true for the two offerings for Secret Wednesday. The gowns are each very elegant and formal. The first has dark tones which will work well as summer wanes and you begin looking for the right combinations for fall as well yet has the spaghetti strap and slimming sleek long look that's fantastic for those still long summer evenings.

The second definitely has an autumnal flair. The gown itself again hugs to every curve perfectly as only mesh can do, with texture crafted so well you know someone with great skill worked very hard on it. Then flexible skirts of sweeping silk flutter at your feet and a beautiful fur jacket offers comfort to ward of that evening chill as you step out to your favorite club or visit with friends at an end of summer party.

Face Paint
Hair by Truth
Jewelry by Artistry by ~E~

Fierce Designs - Nurse and Latex!

Each designer in SL finds their own niche and the creator of Fierce Designs definitely has a great sense of style, with an imagination for fun and creativity!

This seductive latex set comes in four colors (white not shown). Each delicious color shines as latex should. It inspires wicked thoughts, fun and an afternoon of pure role-play. If you enjoy costumes for all sorts of entertainment, Fierce Designs might have just the look for you. In the words of the three Animaniacs, "Helloooooo Nurse."

Celestina's Supports Hope for Emilia

Celestina contributed two fantastic gowns to the Hope for Emilia event.

This gold one stole my heart. There was also a black silk that flowed just as smoothly and makes you feel like royalty. Whether you get the gold glamorous look or the dramatic dark black, your support for Hope for Emilia will be appreciated and echoed around the globe.

SAS Casual Pants Set of 4 - Merel

Though Sascha's known grid wide for her fantastic dresses, she also constructs some of the most elegant simple pant and top sets I've seen in SL.

This set comes with four color tops and four pants. I've chosen purple and pink because they go so well with the blonde hair. On the left, the full outfit, then the right shows the two colors zoomed in for details. You'll see that the pants are speckled, not a solid color and the tops show defined lines and curves. I adore Sascha's casual designs!

Face Paint, Hair by Truth, Jewelry also by Face Paint, Boots Designer Unknown

Miss Darcy Supports Hope for Emilia

So many mesh pieces look the same from designer to designer. I know this is because the whole of mesh is new and people are experiencing a learning curve. The same was true when flexible prims came out and other changes that have animated our SL-life.

Every now and then, someone surprises me with a fresh look to the mesh, and in this case, the long sleek gowns from Miss Darcy's submission to the Hope for Emilia project did just that. These gowns are elegant, long lines that draw the eye, smooth silky texture, and patterning that just oozes sophistication and beauty. I found one of my new most favorite dresses in the rose colored option.

Monday, July 30, 2012

One Hundred Supports Hope for Emilia

One Hundred went all out with their contribution to Hope for Emilia. A special Roman toga was offered, several colorful and unique corsets were as well, and then there was this pretty little mini-dress.

A bright bit of jewelry from Artistry by ~E~ and a pair of iridescent shoes from Juicy accented the dress and I have to say my latest 'do' by [elikatira] just makes me smile. The combination of all the elements with the pink dress that makes me feel like a priceless pink diamond was another great deal from the Hope for Emilia campaign.

Friday, July 27, 2012

Desir Supports Hope for Emilia

This breathtaking gown comes from Desir and helps support the Hope for Emilia campaign still in progress in SL.

Lots of layers of silky material sways around the hips and ankles, moving with every swishing step. The upper body also has a flutter of material, whispering its own sweet secrets. This elegant gown adds vibrance to any inventory and will make you the center of attention at your favorite summer place to dance.

Face Paint
Hair by Osmose
Jewelry by Artistry by ~E~

New from Liv Glam 7.23.2012

Not one but 3 new releases came out on the 23rd, amidst the flurry of pretty things for Hope for Emilia and specials and sales, I had worked with each of the three designs and found myself adoring the variations, the diversity and as always, the technical detail in texturing!

Dressed to play or party, this little number flows freely wherever your world takes you in your Second Life. Multiple colors are available with the HUD and textures may be updated in the future giving you a great deal of options in one flattering new look.

This romper might be my most favorite of all releases recently. I'm the tomboy sort of gal, to this day even though I'm actually a tomboy dinosaur. ~grins~ I could see wearing this romper to a picnic, a soccer match or a best friend's backyard bar-be-que. Enjoy romping!

Grace Kelly returns with new textures and updates. This pencil slim dress hugs tightly and though it's a tiny lil mini, it's decent enough to tantalize yet be worn almost anywhere.

Whatever your taste, you can live glamorously with Liv-Glam's latest releases!

Face Paint
Hair by Alice Project, Truth and Elikatira
Shoes by N-Core

AngelsDemons Supports Hope for Emilia

Step back in time with this 50's design...

There are many pieces to what might be the most complicated swim suit I've had the chance to wear in Second Life. You have the basic one piece style, then a head scarf, a covering skirt and a belt. There are lilacs decorating the scarf and repeating at the belt. With a simple pair of heels from N-Core, this look comes ready to wear.

Snowpaws Weekend News

This weekend, Snowpaws has news and sales galore. For all the Snowpaws Petite's lovers, the Snowpaws Petites store has moved to a new location at the Diamond Oasis Sim. http://slurl.com/secondlife/Diamond%20Oasis/214/239/1002/

You'll find all your favorite petite designs there plus the newest Toile Dress miniaturized just for you! And whether you're a full sized or petite avi, this little sexy dress is a must have, with stunning lines, sheer fabric that teases the eye and a soft sensuality that will make any sized you feel beautiful.

Hope for Emilia still asks for your support and Snowpaws has offered its support to help those hit hardest by the devastating earthquakes in Italy. You're encouraged to drop by the fund raiser and see what Snowpaws has donated.

Also, coming early in August, the Pink Ribbon fair begins, and proceeds from this event will be donated to the American Cancer Society in continued effort to find the cure for breast cancer. Snowpaws participates in this fair that will run from August 4 through August 25.

Sales and New Group Discount:

  1. Group Discount - Radieux Evening Gown in Twilight

  2. Steals and Deals - Halo Frock Powder Puff

  3. Designer Showcase - Araigne Lace Gown in Ruby

  4. Simply the Best - Bisous Bustier Top and Long Fitted Skirt in Sapphire

  5. 100L Sale for 7.27.2012 Only - Auverse Poppy Mini Dress Purple

Just a little longer, a few more of your friends, a few new faces... and Snowpaws will reach its membership goal for this drive towards 10,000 members from the group and subscriber's group. Have you brought a friend by lately? Please do! So much to enjoy at Snowpaws and Snowpaws Petites!

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Liv-Glam Celebrantes 1000 Members

It's little wonder, as busy as Liv-Glam has been recently, that the group grows daily by leaps and bounds.

This lovely gown celebrates the milestone of 1000 group members. It's free! Slim long lines accent the sleekness of the female body, and enhances all the right curves. At the ankles, fluttery flexible silk sways with every dance step as you enjoy this gift. 

Face Paint
Hair by Elikatira

Cheeky Supports Hope for Emilia

Everywhere I look in the fashion world, high waisted pants and shorts and skirts are all the rage.

This week, Cheeky joined with many other designers to support the Hope for Emilia Fundraiser, and these little shorts in three deep hues were their exclusive offering. Texture is everything in a world like Second Life and these little shorts are perfect. 

Face Paint
Hair by elikatira
Shoes by N-Core
Jewelry by Bird Next Door

Liv-Glam New Group Gift

No wonder Liv-Glam smoulders with electricity every time I visit... 

Animalistic, dramatic, sexy, and a metallic blue like you haven't seen before in your SL-wardrobe... this gown will make you feel absolutely perfect at any party. And it's Free!

Face Paint
Hair by Vanity Hair
Jewelry by Finesmith

Les Petites Details Supports Hope for Emilia

You have a selection of colors from Les Petites Designs in their Hope for Emilia offering.

This elegant pant suit shows a sophisticated style yet a decadent amount of skin. Scooped low in the front, daringly low, this pant suit truly works with understated sensuality.

Face Paint
Hair by Alice Project
Shoes by N-Core
Jewelry by D&D, O&N Style Society and Bird Next Door

Liv-Glam 55L Thursday Treats for 7.26.2012

If you're like me, you like diversity in your inventory, a little of this and a little of that to suit every mood and whim you might have on any given day in our Second Life.

This week, Liv-Glam offers a flouncing bit of fun and a romper suitable to almost any activity. Both of these items are bright and vibrant and ooze the essence of fun. The little skirt comes with all sorts of accessories so you've got an outfit all put together for you, voila. And the romper has the Liv-Glam HUD with options for several different prints.

Face Paint
N-Core Shoes
Hair by Babel and Truth
Jewelry by D&D and Bird Next Door

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Elmont Fashions Supports Hope for Emilia

If you visit Elmont Fashion's kiosk at the Hope for Emilia event, you will find this pretty little mesh sundress.

Daylight Sundress in Noir scoops low at the vee between the breasts then has a slim black belt placed high on the waist. A flutter of pretty patterned silk in white with blank splotches drops down to mid-calf but sports a slit on the side to reveal a teasing taste of more skin.

Face Paint
Hair by elikatira
Shoes by N-Core
Nails by Candy Nails

Powerful Release from Angel Dessous

It's easy to get excited on Wednesday if you're an Angel Dessous fan. Each week without fail, the item tucked away in the secret black box blows my mind.

This blood red and black gown had elements of a mystical quality. I could see myself holding a wand and casting a dark spell. The glamorous shoulder decor added to the intense power this gown exudes. I can't wait to see what comes next in that little black box. Maybe a book of spells to go with my sorceress look? 

Leezu's Contribution to Hope for Emilia

Sassy sweet and tantalizing...Heather Hotpants Mesh...

These purdy lil hot pants in rouge will fit with almost any top. I paired with a simple tank and a chunky necklace but it would work with almost any season and color scheme.

{PP} Maria - Hope for Emilia

This simple yet elegant sun dress has been structured and textured so well and it's mesh!

Pampered Puss makes it look 'easy' to create such a design and fit it to mesh. The brilliant little stars that decorate the silky slimming material almost twinkle if you look long enough, and people will be looking at you in this pretty addition to your wardrobe.

Secret Wednesday at Liv-Glam (shhh)

This beautiful gown radiates beauty!

Paired with the lovely summer flower - the Hibiscus - seen at the wrist and tucked into the hair, you will exude that summer sweet elegance in a brilliant tone of fuschia that captivates and allures. And on Secret Wednesday, you know you'll find a steal of a deal at Liv-Glam.

You will also find this fun flirty mesh set with a half top and mini-skirt on sale at Liv-Glam for Secret Wednesday.

Face Paint
Hair by Truth
Nails and Flower by Candy Nails
Jewelry by DD

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

blah:BLAH:blah New Releases!

A bevy of beautiful designs comes to you from blah:BLAH:blah.

First, a selection of very short... short...
SHORT... little dresses are available. The Camo series reminds me of the ever popular military prints. Cupcakes anyone? The cute little blue dress will make you crave cupcakes or something else super sweet! And oh how short is that gold dress? Sexy sultry swimsuits are also sold at blah:BLAH:blah and this red with skulls suit shows so much skin. ooo la la...

Another style swimsuit displays the sleek lines of a female in a single piece with lots of peek-a-boo holes to seduce your favorite someone. Chaps, leather and smolderingly hawt lingerie brings out the cowgirl in you. How small can a mini-skirt get and still be called a skirt? Friends of mine might call this set of skirts a glorified belt. It's not much wider, is it? And if you're looking for something simple and casual, you can pick up a selection of printed tees designed with an extra long hem.

Camo Punk Dress in 3 colors
Cupcake Wars! Dress in blue
Glam Girl Mini 5 colors
Laced Front Swim Suit 9 colors
Peek-a-boo Mini Sequined 4 colors
Ride em Cowgirl Chaps
Zebra Swimsuit 7 colors
Printed Tees 6 styles

Face Paint
Hair by Truth
Jewelry by Finesmith
Nails and Prim Feet by Candy Nails

Carrie's Lingerie - Jasmine and Natalie

One of my favorite indulgences continues to be Carrie's Lingerie. After working for Carrie's for 6 months, I became addicted to the NEW styles that come from Carrie's and support her continued effort to create new and better lingerie.

Jasmine was released last week with options on many layers that allow for the sexy lingerie to cover more or reveal more skin. The corset comes separately in this set so the choice is mine, to wear it with the corset as seen above or without, and then it looks more like a very sexy bra and panty set.

This week, I hurried back to the store as yet another alluring release called to me. Coral might be one of my most favorite colors in Second Life, shades of peach and orange, and Carrie plays with color beautifully. Natalie has a luxurious silk look, and can be worn with the very short nighty or be worn without.

Face Paint
Hair by Truth
Bax Boots
Artistry by ~E~
Candy Nails

Monday, July 23, 2012

Snowpaws Supports Mankind Tracer - Live Musician

Snowpaws happily supports Mankind Tracer at Axtion 3 this week, Wednesday at 9 p.m.

He's a professional rock musician who's been touring SL for over 5 years.


One of his songs on Youtube - Mankind Tracer = Seth Regan


Liv-Glam New Release: Valencia Couture Outfit

This week, Liv-Glam produced a plethora of pretty items! Some of those new releases are only available at the Hope for Emilia charity fund raiser, so you're encouraged to go and participate.

The Valencia Couture outfit echoes elegance from head to toe. Each color option presents clean crisp lines that go well with the slimming corset top and equally slimming pencil skirt.

Amethyst may be found at the Hope for Emilia event. The other five colors, Amber, Garnet, Emerald, Sapphire and Pearl are available at Liv-Glam. These elegant choices are a diversion from the mesh that has been a staple so far for the Liv-Glam fashion palette, and a gorgeous diversion it is.

Face Paint
Hair by Truth, Magika and Vanity Hair
Jewelry by Zuri's and Jewelry by Jake
Nails by Sexy Mama

Sunday, July 22, 2012

A Maxi Gown with Pinache from Liv-Glam

Designs from Liv-Glam continue to make me smile. This recent addition to the collection joined many other pieces that had done just that ~ make me smile.

A long dress  with ties gathering at the lower hem to add dimension comes with multiple texture options built into the HUD. With the color block option as well, you can tint the basics already offered to multiply the number of looks possible. Later, if you choose to do so, you will also be able to purchase new textures to add to your HUD.

Face Paint
Hair by Majika
Jewelry by Zuri's
Shoes by N-Core
Nails by Sexy Mama

sYs: Gift from Hair Fair

My SL budget lives on a wing and a prayer most weeks. Yet I love participating in all events related to the fashion world in every way possible.

When the sim let me in, I visited the Hair Fair. I'm a hair ADDICT. I loved visiting the countless vendors, seeing new, glam, wild, calm, mesh and so much more. I was surprised, however, to find a few little treats along my path that were not all hair. The mesh top shown above came from sYs and this little top impressed me. It's bright, colorful, fun and free as I always say... is good!

Liv-Glam Supports Hope for Emilia

This week, a number of great designers collaborate together to raise money for the Hope for Emilia charity. The funds raised will directly go to the families in need following devastating earthquakes in Italy.

Liv-Glam put together four different parcels for purchase to add their contribution. Two mesh sets with top and pants are options. One pencil skirt with stole, and a parcel with a bronze skin and make-up are also options. Please lend your support and visit the Hope for Emilia sim.

Face Paint Make-up
Hair by [elikatira]
Shoes by Juicy and Alice Project
Jewelry by Morea Designs and Artistry by ~E~
Nails by Candy Nails

Face Paint and Hope for Emilia

A large group of content creators have joined together in a charity event to raise money for victims of the earthquakes in Italy which begins today.

Face Paint has contributed “Call of the Wild”, a brand new make-up created just for Hope for Emilia. Please make time this week to visit the fundraiser and help where you can.

Saturday, July 21, 2012

UEMA Presents Morea Designs: A Boat Load of Beauty

Long ago, the Morea set sail in Second Life and tonight, the ship anchored in the Villa del Morea, its home town to celebrate 5 terrific years!

Morea Decosta, owner and creator of Morea Designs, makes clothing for all occasions and this evening's fashion show displayed the wide range very well.

Suzy Wise represented Morea Designs. Suzy works as Morea's manager.

Violetcrush Bravin and UEMA hosted the event. Violet and her team of talented  personnel put together a world class experience for Morea, the models, and the many guests present. The COO of UEMA, Issy Flatley, built the set and acted as Show Director as well.

Leezah Kaddour spoke as MC for the evening. Poised and prepared, she represented UEMA and Morea very well.

Fun frocks highlighted the evening with lots of fluttery material caught up by the sea breeze. Many different lengths of silky swatches swathed the women who modeled these looks.

Whether you shop for casual or chic, evening or business, you'll find something suitable to wear at Morea Designs.

Some of the gowns looked as if they were lighter than air, and many summer hues painted a rainbow of color on the boardwalk as the various models disembarked the good ship Morea.

Other pieces had rich deep hues with matching jewelry that glittered, perfect for the fanciest of evenings out on the town. These women were ready for a ball or a night at the opera in the finest Morea has to offer.

As the last of the models worked their way towards the audience, gasps were heard and rousing applause. The wedding gowns were each unique and very different examples of the perfect wedding look.

So many attended the soiree. At one point, there were over 60 present to enjoy the work UEMA and Morea Designs collaborated to present. 

All good things come to an end... or do they? The ship Morea sailed back into the sea of Second Life, into the next chapter of their story. Five years behind them, and so much ahead... Ahoy!