Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Carrie's Lingerie Offers New Coordinates!

Carrie and Carrie's Lingerie helped me find my way into the fashion world. To this day, I'm grateful for her belief in me, going so far as to begin remaking me into something a bit more polished than the stranger off the street who wandered into her store one day and fell in love with her designs.

As is true with every Carrie's release, you get a lot of bang for your buck! When I bought the fat pack of Coordinates in black and red, I got the sexy shelf bra and thong, but it was just the tip of the iceberg.

Next in the box, something a little more flirtatious, maybe covering a bit more flesh but in a way that invites the eye and maybe the hands to peel away that cloth to reveal the secrets hidden just below the material. The bra and panty set seen here shows the way Carrie's designs always match as an overall look, and go well with the lacy stockings.

Another fun option included in this fat pack of lingerie decadence is a pair of boy-cut panties. With the sultry lines cut just a little lower, the garter shows really well.

Why have one garter in a fat pack when you could have two!? You can see that there are two, one with pretty little red bows to enhance the red in the garments...

And the other with the black bows, to bring out the black lines in the lingerie. Leave it to the men to say what they really think about lingerie too, as one friend said, "Wow." That seemed to say it all. Carrie's Coordinates are definitely Wow!

Face Paint: 55L Thursday Special - (6/21/2012) Trumpet + OMG Gloss 9
Hair: Truth
Boots: Bax Boots
Jewelry: Finesmith
Nails: CandiNails

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