Monday, June 18, 2012

Stained Glass and High Frost for the Eyes - Face Paint!

More News and new releases from Face Paint.

This week, Eve's been busy. Earlier in the week, we had the Smoke series, at a price that couldn't be beat!

Now she's got a new mini-sale in progress. These dramatic paints are sure to show up with the most exotic runway looks and we have it on good authority from one of our male models at Face Paint that some of these looks are very useful to the men as well as the ladies!

I hope you come by and see them while they're hot off the presses.

Hair: W&Y
Jewelry:  (uncredited)

If you model, manage a blog, create for an SL enterprise or in general have some wonderful reason to wear Face Paint and look terrific in photos, please send Eve Express or Caryn Ashdene your blog address or photographs to add to the Face Paint blog.

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