Friday, June 15, 2012

Karma Creations: BBH2

Karma Creations specializes in CUSTOM work. Contact karma Maesar if you're looking for something truly different in your SL-ife and when you have a chance, head over to her store, and check out these two great gifties hidden PLUS there are gifts for men hidden too.

When I was growing up, I was a huge fan of Joe Cool. That probably dates me, but that's okay, I know I'm old and gray! However, in SL I get to be any age and any thing I want to be. 

I've seen a number of sunglasses in world from all sorts of designers, and trust me, in 04 when I really got involved in playing here, the glasses were ghastly. But now, they're truly Joe Cool. I felt like I should be out on the beach somewhere, turning heads!

I love it when creators participate in hunts. It gives me a chance to try a new place, a chance to see what is out there, what's new in many cases at least to me, and then when someone like Karma Creations puts more treats in the hunt then just the one, and puts something fun and new and unique out for both genders, I'm truly impressed!

Face Paint: Smoke
Shoes: 1) Camillas 2) NCore
Hair: Magika
Bikini Top (2) Carrie's Lingerie
Nails: Candi Nails

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