Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Sascha's - Gold, Silver and Bronze Newness

With the special deal Sascha runs currently, where you spend 500L and you get a dress free, the gown that's free amazes!

Face Paint, Hair by Babel, Jewelry by Finesmith, Shoes by N-Core

I found myself enthralled by this gown because of it's elegance. Only recently, I researched the name of a dress styled like this, and learned it was called a bandage dress. To echo the magnificent pieces walking the runway for spring and summer styles, this gown truly emulates real world luxury. I could not believe how metallic the material looked. There are thousands of ways of importing what might be a metallic texture into our Second Life, but few really capture the glittery brilliance of metals. This gown does!

Face Paint, Hair by Alice Project, Jewelry by Artisty by ~E~

When she wanted customers to choose a gown, among what seems like thousands!! I walked around the new releases area and oohed and ahhed to myself. How can I choose just one? I finally chose this Waterfall Bronze Special Edition. 

I joked to Sascha that now I was ready for the summer Olympics, with the Avona gown sporting gold and silver so wonderfully well, and this fine Waterfall gown sporting the bronze, I could wear metals and look beeee-oooo-tiful doing so!

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