Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Overwhelming Allure at Sascha's

Summer arrives and with it comes parties, and frolicking, boating and skating. No matter how you enjoy your summer, Sascha's provides you with something charming to wear.

Marcee in red shimmers like the sun setting, spreading like a flame across the horizon. At 60L this past week, it was one of many heart stealing winners at a price no one could resist!

Lulu in salmon flows around the female form like sherbet, sweet and oh so good. Again, a gown designed for summer, for anything you enjoy during the season.

The limited Danielle offers something special to those who want something unique, something that won't be found all over Second Life. Only 50 of these gowns will be sold, and then no more.This gown offers the sweetest color like cotton candy at the fair, with floral patterning to give it a light and airy seduction that tempts and pleases the eye.

As in the past, it is easy to say, "Now is the time to visit Sascha's!"

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