Monday, June 25, 2012

400 Members!! Way to Go Liv Glam - and a Free Gift

One of the things I love best about Second Life occurs when people get really involved in the world we share. I love to see new businesses opening, new ideas created, new things tried, and I love to meet all those new people in progress. After being here for a little more than 8 years, I celebrate all things new. When SL was young, it was easy to come up with something no one had seen before or no one had done as well as... but now competition in every field of interest exists. When a growing business like Liv Glam celebrates mile markers like this 400 members celebration, I rejoice with them!

Face Paint, Hair by Elikatira, Jewelry by Finesmith

A complete look from head to toe comes in this Liv Glam gift. First a floral mesh top loosely drapes over the upper body then a sleek pair of leather-like pants tuck into a pair of mesh boots.

See above, plus shoes by N-core

Paired with heels instead of boots, it looks a bit whimsical. With boots or with heels, this outfit suits for summer into fall.

Take a few minutes, if you haven't visited yet, to support this new business and see what's new and fresh in SL.

Also, Liv Glam hosts a special boutique, The Secret Garden, and has special deals from a myriad of other designers. While you're at Liv Glam, peek into the boutique and see what other newness you might find.

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