Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Rosengarten Loves Hunts...

After being blessed by Allie Munro and the chance to blog for BBH2's hunt, I was introduced to a whole array of designers and items in SL that I didn't know existed!

One of those companies owned by Lilian Laville - Rosengarten - does sweet, sexy or downright hot hot hot poses and static displays for your special SL moments as well as items that range in variety to create the most beautiful and elegant and sensual locations for your SL-life. Visit the gardens and skybox and see all there is to see today.

And she has given me a great reason to ask one of my dear male friends to be a victim... well maybe he didn't feel too victimized... and help with all the pair poses in this series of photos.

What man doesn't dream of whisking a girl off in his clutches, captive, at his whim and mercy? Maybe not every man, but in case you've thought about it, this artistic display with the angel and demon offers two poses to play, first he captures you...

Then snags you close for a kiss that makes you his for all of eternity? At least that's what I saw when I saw this pair of poses. I don't think the man involved was complaining too much about either the capture or the claiming kiss!

Whatever the pleasure, capture or kiss, this hidden item is perfectly attuned to the theme of the Angel Meets Devil Hunt! 

I can't tell if this is any more tame or not. Welcome to the dark world of passion and pleasure, and the fiery flames of Hell itself. A sphere of burning fire surrounds the pose, and the masculine arms ensnare his captive, kissing again in that oh so demanding way.

Again, it's aptly placed in the Hot as Hell Hunt. Summer hot? Sexy hot? I don't know. It's just hot hot hot!

And only now that I really have your attention do I show you the delicate loving side of Rosengarten's hunt offerings. For the Hunt - Now That You're Mine - You can bask under an arch of the prettiest pink roses, in the arms of someone very special, and you're sure to get a great snapshot, or you could even use this pose for a special occasion, like a wedding, or some other public display of affection. Yes yes! I'm a hopeful romantic.

Continuing with the hopeful romanticism, I stood in a field of bright pink flowers, tipped up my chin, and he kissed me. Oh how the summer brings out the lover in all of us. Down by the sea, he kissed me.

The Summer Love Hunt makes me think of the song in the musical Greece. Life is simpler in the summer time, isn't it? At least if we pause, soak up the sun and share it with someone special!

Thank you Lilian for all these treats to enjoy and a reason to rope in the handsome guest! I look forward to seeing more of what you offer in the near future.

Face Paint: Trumpet 55L special (6/21/2012)
Hair: Truth
Bikini bottom: LooLoos

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